Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements and Sample Course Patterns

Program*DegreesDegree Requirement ChecklistSample Curricula
CoreAll Degrees23-24 Core Checklist
MinorsMinors21-22 College of Business – Minor Checklist
21-22 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – Minors Checklists
21-22 College of Natural and Health Sciences – Minors Checklists
AccountingBAChecklistCourse Pattern

4+1 BA to MBA Course Pattern
ArtBA, BFAChecklistBA | Graphic Design Emphasis

BA | Studio Emphasis

BFA | Graphic Design Emphasis

BFA | Studio Emphasis
BiologyBA, BSChecklistCourse Pattern
BiochemistryBSChecklistBS Course Pattern

Forensic Science
Biochemistry – Even Year – 2020-2021BSCourse Pattern
Biochemistry – Even Year – LOW ACT – 2020-2021BSCourse Pattern
Business AdministrationBA, BBA, MBAChecklist

4+1 Bachelor of Arts to Masters of Business Administration Checklist
Course Pattern

4+1 Bachelor of Arts to Master of Business Administration Course Pattern
ChemistryBA, BSChecklistBA Course Pattern

BS Course Pattern

Chemistry – Forensic Science

Forensic Science
Chemistry – Even Year – Low ACT – 2020-2021BACourse Pattern
Chemistry – Even Year – Pre-Med – 2020-2021BACourse Pattern
Chemistry – Even Year- Pre-Pharm – 2020-2021BACourse Pattern
Chemistry – Even Year – Low ACT – 2020-2021BSCourse Pattern
Chemistry – Even Year – Pre-Med – 2020-2021BSCourse Pattern
CommunicationBAChecklistCourse Pattern
Computer Information SystemsBAChecklistCourse Pattern
Criminal JusticeBAChecklistCourse Pattern
EconomicsBAChecklistCourse Pattern
EducationBA, MATElementary Education Checklist

Initial Education Checklist

Special Education Checklist

Educational Studies Checklist
Elementary Education Course Pattern

Initial Education Course Pattern

Educational Studies Course Pattern
English and Creative WritingBAChecklistCourse Pattern
Ethical LeadershipBA, MAChecklistCourse Pattern
Exercise and Health StrategiesBSChecklistCourse Pattern
Exercise ScienceChecklistCourse Pattern
Pre-AT Track
Pre-OT Track
Pre-PT Track
FinanceBAChecklistCourse Pattern
HistoryBAChecklistCourse Pattern
International StudiesBAChecklistCourse Pattern
LawBAChecklistLaw Course Pattern

Law 3+3 Course Pattern
Life ScienceBAChecklistCourse Pattern
MathematicsBAChecklistCourse Pattern
Management Information SystemsBAChecklistManagement Information Systems Course Pattern

4+1 BA to MBA Course Pattern
Medical Laboratory ScienceBSChecklistCourse Pattern
NursingBSNChecklistNursing 4-year Course Pattern

Nursing 5-year Course Pattern

Nursing Transfer Course Pattern
PhilosophyBAChecklistCourse Pattern
PhysicsBA, BSChecklistBA Course Pattern

BS Course Pattern
Physics-PreEngineering even-odd 4-YearBSCourse Pattern
Political ScienceBAChecklistPolitical Science 4-year Course Pattern
PsychologyBAChecklistCourse Pattern
SociologyBAChecklistCourse Pattern
Sports and Entertaining MarketingBAChecklistCourse Pattern
TheatreBAChecklistCourse Pattern
TheologyBAChecklistCourse Pattern
*BA: Bachelor of Arts; BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts; BS: Bachelor of Science; MA: Master of Arts; BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing; MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching; MBA: Master of Business Administration