Institutional Information

Thomas More University is the Catholic Liberal Arts University of the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky. Inspired by the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, we challenge students of all faiths to examine the ultimate meaning of life, their place in the world, and their responsibility to others. Read more.

Thomas More University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  For more information or additional accreditations, go to the Accreditation Section.

Information about each of Thomas More University’s academic programs, including faculty and instructional facilities, can be found in the University Catalog, through each individual Academic Department or by going to the Programs page and clicking the appropriate program of study. To view the University directory, including all faculty and staff, click here.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program meets the educational requirements for a RN license in Kentucky. Students must satisfy additional conditions, such as passing the NCLEX, to obtain an RN license in Kentucky.  The Bachelor of Arts programs in Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary Education, and the Master of Arts in Teaching meet the educational requirements for teacher certification in Kentucky. There are additional certification requirements to obtain teacher certification that all students must meet. The Education Department will work with individuals who wish to be licensed for teaching in other states but cannot guarantee that the University is able to provide all educational requirements. More information is available through the Academics page and clicking the appropriate program of study.

Thomas More University offers several programs to prepare students for certification in Kentucky.  Contact the Education Department at phone 859-344-3598. Information about Thomas More University’s Education programs is contained in state-level reports through the Department of Education.  View the reports online.

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires each institution to prepare and submit a report to the Department of Education regarding the institution’s intercollegiate athletic program, including information on athletic teams, coaches, participants, operating expenses, and revenues. Thomas More University submits the report to the Department of Education in October of each year. The report is available on the Department of Education’s website. To receive a paper copy, please contact the Athletic Director.

The Department of Education is required to post 26 items on the College Navigator website for each institution, including information on student expense, financial aid, enrollment, admissions, retention and graduation rates, programs of study, athletic teams, accreditation, campus security, and federal loans.  Thomas More University’s profile is available by visiting the College Navigator.

Recent information regarding enrollment by gender, race/ethnicity, and Pell grant recipients can be viewed here.

Graduation and retention rates are tracked by the Office of Institutional Research.  The Office also surveys recent alumni and tracks placement in employment, as well as the types of graduate and professional education in which TMU graduates enroll.  Click the links below for more information.



To view current Articulation Agreements contact the Registrar’s Office at 859-344-3380 or view the agreement online.