Students pursuing a degree in law will engage in a comprehensive study of the law. Law graduates will be uniquely positioned to advance their career in a broad cross-section of professional fields or present themselves as an attractive candidate to any law school, or to pursue a career in human resources, policy, compliance and more.

Additionally, Thomas More offers a 3+3 program in cooperation with NKU Salmon P. Chase College of Law.  This program allows a student to apply to Chase College of Law as a junior at Thomas More, and if accepted, can count their first year of completed courses in law school in place of their senior level law courses at Thomas More, thus earning both an undergraduate and law degree in a matter of 6 years.  A uniquely designed program to promote an opportunity for acceptance at a local law school, as well as save on tuition dollars and timing.

Why study Law at Thomas More?

This is a unique degree designed to comprehensively prepare students for most professional fields, regardless of pursuing a law degree. The legal field touches all industries; thus, this degree adds value and prepares students for almost any future career. Those students who intend to continue on to law school will receive a strong foundation in skills and knowledge necessary for success in law school, as well as guidance on law school applications, admissions, LSAT prep and more. Further, the option for the 3+3 program is a valuable opportunity for students to save a year of time and tuition in the pursuance of a law degree. Thomas More University is among the few offering a program such as this.

What will I be doing?

Students will gain an education learning critical thought and analysis, particularly through the application of law and policy, which can be invaluable to any future career or pursuit. Law students will learn legal theory and basics, as well as take courses in logic, law, economics, policy, research, writing and more.

Who will I be learning from?

Students will be learning from experienced lawyers from both inside and outside of Thomas More University, including full-time faculty members holding Juris Doctorates. Students majoring in Law will also be taking courses from our Philosophy, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Ethical Leadership professors and more. The Law faculty at Thomas More University includes Amanda Siegrist, J.D., Assistant Professor & Program Director of Law; Robert A. Arnold, J.D., Ph.D., MBA, Professor; Lynnette Guzzino, Esq., Associate Professor; Noah Welte, Esq., University Legal Counsel.

Where do alumni work or pursue advanced degrees?

Current alumni of Thomas More’s law program are enrolled at Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law as well other institutions, while others are pursuing professional careers.

What careers will be open to me?

The course of study introduces the student to a range of legal topics and prepares the student not only for an advanced level of study, such as law school, but also for professional opportunities in a variety of organizations, including regulatory agencies, small businesses, public offices, or nonprofit organizations.

What experiential learning opportunities will I have?

Students will gain experience through required internships, opportunities for mock trial involvement, exposure to outside speakers and a network of local legal institutions and professionals.