First Year Experience

First Year Experience Course (FYE 150)

In small classroom settings, FYE will help new students make a positive transition to Thomas More University by offering information and activities to help students adjust to academic and student life. Students will develop relationships with their classmates and a faculty or staff instructor. To learn more about themselves, the Thomas More University community, and the local Northern Kentucky area, students will participate in meaningful discussions, personal reflection, and engaging activities both in and out of the classroom.

This one credit course is a required course for graduation. First-year students will also receive guidance in career choice and planning, as well as guidance in forming an educational plan towards graduation.

Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):

CLO 1: Create an academic and co-curricular plan to guide them, with the help of advising, through their experience at Thomas More University

CLO 2: Choose resources and opportunities, both on and off campus, that help them achieve their academic, social, personal well-being, and career goals

CLO 3: Describe how the history and mission of Thomas More University will influence their experience at the University.

CLO 4: Examine identity, values, and purpose in light of the Catholic tradition of justice.

For more information on FYE, please contact Caitlin Powell, Ph.D., faculty and chair of the Psychology Department 859-344-3588 |