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When people ask, “why become a teacher”, you answer because it’s one of the best ways to impact the lives of young people. Thomas More University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is an accelerated graduate program designed for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to start making that difference. This MA in teaching includes initial licensure as well as personalized classroom teaching experience.

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Why earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Thomas More?

Not all graduate teaching programs are created equal. What sets our MA in teaching apart is our values-based, mission-driven education. You’ll grow personally and professionally in a master’s program designed for those who want to sharpen their teaching skills and abilities for students from P-12.

  • MAT degree plus teacher certification: Earn your MA in teaching and your initial certification all at the same time.
  • Flexibility: Our MA in teaching is offered in 8-week courses, entirely online.
  • Student support: You’ll have support from faculty and staff, including classroom coaching, content and instructional guidance. We’ll even be here for you during your first job search and throughout your career. 
  • Certified: This MAT degree embeds Kentucky’s teacher certification requirements for new teachers
  • Expert faculty: You’ll be taught by practitioners who are proficient in classroom management, instruction, and assessment. 

“Thomas More University really made sense for me not only because of the culture and curriculum, but also for the overall cost.”

Rachel Blankenship ’22
Why earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Thomas More?

Teachers make a difference in the lives of their students. Candidates for teacher education should be willing to engage with students and parents, explore curriculum and instruction strategies, and work closely with faculty and colleagues to create a community focused on student learning.

Thomas More University offers the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in a certifiable content area but do not have teaching certification. This program embeds Kentucky teacher certification requirements into a master’s degree program that supports new teachers.

For candidates who have some teaching experience in a school setting or have worked with children and adolescents, the MAT Alternative Certification program might be the right path.

Thomas More University advisors work with students individually to find the right path for each potential MAT candidate.

The MAT/Alternative Certification program offers the following CAEP Accredited certification options:

  • Art (P-12)
  • Middle Grades (5-9): Language Arts, Science, Math, or Social Studies
  • Secondary (8-12): Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Studies
  • Business (5-12)
  • World Language (P-12): Spanish
  • Theatre (P-12)

The program allows qualified candidates the opportunity to work in paid, full-time teaching positions through temporary provisional certification in high-need content areas and grade levels while earning certification and the MAT within two years.

Get MORE benefits!

  • CAEP accredited, and KYEPSB approved program
  • Individualized student support during program enrollment, coursework, and certification
  • Experienced faculty practitioners
  • Simultaneous degree and certification
  • Partnerships with local school districts
  • Flexible start dates
  • Assessment support
  • Support during job placement/employment

What sets Thomas More University apart is our values-based education. Teacher candidates will grow both personally and professionally in a program designed for those who want to become the exceptional teacher students need.

The Thomas More University MAT is:

  • Values-based
  • Mission-driven
  • Accredited in Kentucky. KYEPSB licensure and CAEP approved program
  • Affordable: including discounts for Diocesan Schools and Thomas More University alumni

The Thomas More University MAT delivers:

  • Teaching certification in tandem with coursework
  • Individualized programming
  • Mentored support from experienced educators
  • Assistance with initial job placement

Prerequisites Needed to Start Program:

Undergraduate GPA 2.75

Praxis 1 and 2 passing scores

Certification Areas:

Grades P-12: Art, Spanish, Theatre

Middle Grades 5-9: English, Math, Social Studies, Science

Grades 5-12: Business and Marketing Education

Secondary Grades 8-12: Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Physics, Social Studies, Science

MAT Program Sequence:

EDM515 Classroom Management and Discipline – 3 credit hours

EDM512 Content Methods of Effective Classroom Instruction – 3 credit hours

EDM528 Curriculum Design and Assessment – 3 credit hours

EDM517 Exceptionalities and Schooling– 3 credit hours

EDM520 Teaching Writing and Reading Across the Disciplines – 3 credit hours

EDM505 Educational Technology – 3 credit hours

EDM518 Multicultural Education – 3 credit hours

EDM530 Action Research – 3 credit hours

EDM535 Supervised Teaching Experience – 6 credit hours


EDM536 Mentored Teaching I – 3 credit hours

EDM537 Mentored Teaching II – 3 credit hours

Since every student has different needs, and some transfer in previously earned credit hours (up to 12), we will work with each student to create an individualized package that includes all financial aid options, scholarships, VA education benefits, etc., in which you are eligible. Our advisors can evaluate your transcripts and see what credits will transfer. Many employers also offer tuition reimbursement, and we can help you better understand your organization’s benefits.

Included in the Saints resource fee is a $120 to $160 per course stipend that will apply toward the cost of your course materials.

Contact an enrollment coach today at (859) 344-3333 or email at to see how much you qualify to receive!

Thomas More University is one of the most cost-effective private universities in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. In addition to our efforts to keep our tuition affordable for each ethical leadership major, we also provide our undergraduate students with personalized opportunities for financial aid.

Is an MA in Teaching Right for Me?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it.

The Master of Arts in Teaching program at Thomas More University is a CAEP accredited and KYEPSB approved program

Hear from real graduate students who’ve been through the MAT in teaching at Thomas More on how they’ve transformed their careers and answered their calling to teach.

You’ll grow both personally and professionally in a program designed with courses to give you all the tools needed to become the exceptional teacher students need, including:

  • Classroom Management
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Curriculum and Assessment
  • Special Education
  • Diverse Learners

Depending on your interests, goals, and content area of interest, you can choose from a variety of certification options in our MA in teaching program. 

  • Middle Grades (5-9): Language Arts, Science, Math, or Social Studies
  • Secondary (8-12): Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Studies
  • Business (5-12)
  • World Language (P-12): Spanish
  • Theatre (P-12)

Thomas More University strives to make your education affordable. Along with efforts to keep tuition cost-effective for each student, we also offer financial aid and personalized packages for Master of Arts in Teaching students, including:

  • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH)
  • Grants for veterans
  • Tuition reimbursement

Whether you’re already teaching or you want to start a career in education, Thomas More University’s master of teaching degree might be the right choice for you, allowing you to focus on teaching  at any level, P-12.

Programs related to the MAT in Teaching at Thomas More

If you’re interested in the Master of Arts in teaching program, you may also want to look into our Master of Arts in Organizational Management and Ethical Leadership program as well.