Teaching for Dual Credit

Thomas More University provides opportunities for local teachers working to attain the required 18 hours of content coursework at the graduate level in order to teach dual credit courses. Per our Memorandum of Understanding with local school districts, teachers completing their course requirements through TMU agree to offer dual credit courses for Thomas More for a minimum of five years (this applies to school districts taking advantage of our discounted course rate, $1,250 per class).

Teachers Working Toward Dual Credit Credential

The teacher shall:

  1. Submit payment  ($1,250 per class) in accordance with the agreement established between the District/School and the College;
  2. Return textbooks and unused course supplies to the District/School when the student completes the course or withdraws from the course (in accordance with E-Campus policy);
  3. At this time TMU is offering graduate content preparation courses in English, History/Social Studies, and Mathematics. A minimum of 8 students is required per class.
  4. Following the completion of dual credit credential through Thomas More University Districts/Schools/Teachers agree to offer dual credit courses only through Thomas More University for a minimum of 5 years.
  5. Teachers will have the opportunity through TMU graduate programs to apply graduate content credit coursework to graduate and Rank 1 programs.