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Bachelor of Elected Studies in Ethical Leadership





Producing ethical thinkers is what Thomas More University has done for nearly a century. When students enroll in our Bachelor of Elected Studies in Ethical Leadership degree, they receive a theoretical and practical education that prepares them for a future in leadership.

Why earn a Bachelor of Elected Studies in Ethical Leadership degree at Thomas More?

Thomas More has built a foundation on ethical leadership since 1921. We continue this tradition today through our faculty of academics and professionals. Our staff understands the world needs strong ethical leaders now more than ever. With a degree in Ethical Leadership, our students receive an education grounded in an interdisciplinary curriculum and experiential learning. Ethical Leadership students gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to be well-rounded, practical, empathetic decision-makers.

  • You will learn the top skills employers are looking for, like critical thinking, flexibility, creativity, leadership, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • You’ll inspire those around you and help them become better versions of themselves.
  • You’ll earn your degree in less than two years, in person or online, on a schedule that works around your life.
  • No matter the industry or sector, employers need effective leaders. A BES degree expands your career options.
  • Our enrollment and advising teams are dedicated to your success and help guide you throughout your program.


“I knew that when I went back to school, I needed to be a student and not a number. As soon as I walked into this building, after the first class I felt that I was capable of doing this.”

Lori Eifert ’15, BBA, Project Home Coordinator, Covington Independent Public Schools

Is a degree from Thomas More right for me?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it.

In a 2019 Georgetown University report, Thomas More was ranked #1 in Kentucky for ROI (Return on Investment) out of 28 public and private colleges and universities, with the highest long-term gain—at more than $1 million.

The more you earn, the more you can earn.

Earning a bachelor’s degree from Thomas More might be the next step in your career, but it shouldn’t be your last. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report illustrating that the more degrees you earn, the higher your salary potential. And the less likely you will find yourself unemployed during an economic downturn.

Liberal Arts Core (30 credit hours, 6 or 8-week courses):

ENG150 Literature, Writing, and Research – 3 credit hours

200-Level English – 3 credit hours

Social Science – 3 credit hours

Theology – 3 credit hours

Natural Science – 3 credit hours

HIS101 World Civilization I – 3 credit hours

HIS102 World Civilization II – 3 credit hours

Fine Arts – 3 credit hours

BUA107 Mathematics for Business

Decision Making – 3 credit hours

MAT121+ or higher – 3 credit hours

BES in Ethical Leadership Program Sequence (46 credit hours, 6 or 8-week courses):

ELS115 Introduction to Leadership Practices – 3 credit hours

ELS210 Practicum – 1 credit hour

LAW105 Introduction to Law – 3 credit hours

ELS302 Ethical Leadership Biography – 3 credit hours

ELS315 Leading Change – 3 credit hours

ELS325 Leadership and Identity – 3 credit hours

ELS390 Internship – 3 credit hours

ELS420 Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century – 3 credit hours

ACC205 Accounting for Management – 3 credit hours

BUA201 Skills for Business Professionals – 3 credit hours

BUA301 Organization and Management – 3 credit hours

PHI217 Business Ethics – 3 credit hours

PHI417 Realm of Values – 3 credit hours

PHI421 Global Ethics – 3 credit hours

COM204 Business and Professional Communication – 3 credit hours

Choose 1: ECO101, PSY105, SOC105, POS105 – 3 credit hours

Students must earn a total of 120 credit hours, plus all the courses above to earn their BES ELS degree.  Students may transfer general elective hours or students may opt to complete their Associate of Elected Studies in Management (AES) on their way to earning their BES in Ethical Leadership, to total 120 credit hours.

$515 a credit hour plus a $220 Saints resource fee, which includes a stipend for books. However, Financial Aid and Scholarships may be available.  Contact an Enrollment Coach today to see how much you qualify to receive!