Organizational Management & Ethical Leadership


The series of programs that compose Organizational Management and Ethical leadership at Thomas More provide opportunities for students to learn in different settings.  Students can choose to study in an on-ground classroom setting or online.  Additionally, internships and experiential learning enable students to see leadership in action, combining both the theoretical and practical elements of ethical leadership.  Each program has been carefully designed in order to ensure students are prepared to lead from any position they may hold.

Thomas More is an educational pillar in the region.  Founded in 1921 as Villa Madonna College, Thomas More has produced ethical thinkers for almost 100 years.

Students enrolled in the ethical leadership program experience theoretical and practical education that prepares them to be leaders on day one.

Faculty who teach in ethical leadership possess both academic credentials and professional experience. Faculty serve as academic administrators, professors, and  leadership practitioners who consult in business, nonprofit, healthcare, education, and governmental sectors.  Additionally, adjunct professors used in the program contain specific practitioner experience related to the subject matter in which they teach.

One of the great aspects of the ethical leadership program at Thomas More is the variety of sectors that are represented by our students. Alumni work in nonprofits, government, healthcare, corporations, and education. Employers represented by Thomas More graduates include US Bank, Fidelity, Citibank, UC Health, Fifth Third Bank, Hamilton County, General Electric, Western and Southern, and DHL.

Every organization in every industry needs ethical leaders. The series of programs in ethical leadership train students to lead at every level within an organization. Coursework focuses on real-world problems and developing solutions that lead to organizational and personal success. Every career is open to ethical leadership students.

Undergraduate students complete three professional practicums and an internship while graduate students work with their employers or nonprofit organizations on professional projects.

Admission to the college prepares one for admission to the program.

Potential aid includes a scholarship if students are employed by one of our corporate partners. Please speak to an enrollment coach or academic counselor for details.

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