University of Kentucky College of Medicine Northern Kentucky Early Assurance Program

In exciting news for the area, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine opened its newest regional medical campus in July of 2019.  The UK College of Medicine is partnering with St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Northern Kentucky University to offer students the opportunity to attend a four-year campus in northern Kentucky.

In an effort to attract top students, the University of Kentucky College of Medicine has developed the Early Assurance Program which grants to sophomore students’ conditional acceptance into the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus upon graduation. Thomas More University students planning to attend medical school now have the opportunity to participate in this Early Assurance Program. Although the primary benefit of successfully completing the Early Assurance Program requirements is “automatic” acceptance* into the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus, the program offers students numerous, additional advantages. Early Assurance Program participants will be provided with a variety of enrichment activities designed to support students as they navigate their way through their premed years (e.g., assistance with applications, mock interviews, MCAT review opportunities). In addition, students will participate in a wide variety of activities designed to enhance their knowledge of the healthcare field and to better prepare them for the medical profession.

The criteria for acceptance into the Early Assurance Program is intended to select not only academically gifted students, but also those who exhibit personality traits inherent in an ideal physician – compassion, dedication and a genuine concern for others. Given the growing demand for healthcare personnel in the northern Kentucky region, a further criteria for admittance into the program is a sincere interest in establishing a practice in northern Kentucky to meet the growing medical needs of this population.

UK College of Medicine Description of the Early Assurance Program and access to the electronic application can be found by clicking here.

Thomas More University students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for application to the program:

  • An ACT composite score of 26 or higher, or SAT equivalent (1230 or higher).
  • Course/curriculum requirements:
    • Completion of 4 full-time semesters by the end of the Spring semester in which they apply.
      • Anticipated college graduation within 3-4 additional full-time semesters
    • Successful completion or be in progress of completing 5 full-time semester science courses (includes but is not limited to: biology, chemistry, physics and/or math).
    • Successful completion of any 2 full-time semesters of humanities coursework that emphasizes written or spoken communication.
  • A cumulative grade point average of a 3.6 or better in both science coursework and overall.
  • A minimum of 2 letters of recommendation. (premed committee letter acceptable.)
  • Evidence of the dedication, compassion, personal and professional bearing necessary to be a competent and caring physician.
  • Indicated clear interest in establishing medical practice in the Northern/North Central region of Kentucky.
  • Commitment to participate in all elements of the Early Assurance Program.

Selection Process for the Early Assurance Program

  • Eligible students must submit application materials to the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus via electronic application.
    • Application Start date is usually December 1
    • Application Deadline date is usually February 1.
  • Interviews for admission to the NKY EAP will be conducted by members of the UKCOM-NKY Admissions Advisory Committee and will occur held at the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus. (Usually at the end of February)
  • Students will be provisionally selected for the program contingent upon successful completion of all course work in progress (Spring semester course work). An unofficial transcript must be submitted with Spring grades before students will be notified of the final selection decision by the UKCOM Admissions Committee.
  • Final decisions will be communicated no later than May 31.

Sample Application

Special enrichment experiences for admitted Early Assurance Program students from Thomas More University will begin during the summer following acceptance and culminate the following summer, prior to their application to the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus. Activities based at Thomas More University, Northern Kentucky University, and/or St. Elizabeth Healthcare facilities as well as other facilities in the Northern Kentucky area may include:

  • Exposure to hospital and office practice.
  • Shadowing and mentoring experiences with physicians.
  • Academic advising at Thomas More University.
  • Targeted research/seminar/course experiences.
  • MCAT preparation.
  • One-week “boot camp” experience.


*Program Requirements for Thomas More University Students Receiving Assured Admission to the UK College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus

  • Fulfill the prerequisite course requirements to the UK College of Medicine.
  • Minimal requirements for admission to the UK Collee of Medicine are satisfied with the equivalent of:
    • Two semesters of studies in physics
    • Two semesters in the biological sciences
    • Four semesters in chemistry, including organic chemistry and biochemistry
      • Two semesters of General Chemistry, plus one semester of Organic Chemistry and one semester of Biochemistry would fulfill the requirement.
    • A minimum of two semesters of college English with emphasis on communication skills such as reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Maintain a collegiate grade point average of a 3.5 or better in both science coursework and in cumulative grade point average at TMU.
  • Record a MCAT total score of 504 or higher, with no section sub-scores below 124.
  • Participate in all Early Assurance Program components.
  • Submit an AMCAS application to the UK College of Medicine by August 1, with the designation of EARLY ASSURANCE
    • EAP participants meeting all program requirements who submitted an AMCAS Early Assurance application by the deadline are required to complete a Secondary Application by August 15th and select the University of Kentucky College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus as their first.
  • Submit letters of recommendation.
  • Complete a satisfactory interview for admission to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine-Northern Kentucky Campus.
  • Pass a criminal background check.

For more information or questions, please contact Dr. K. Siobhan Barone at

Application & More Program Details

Access the UK College of Medicine’s description of the Early Assurance Program and the electronic application by clicking the button below.