Cooperative Education & Partnerships

Robert W. Plaster College of Business
Co-operative Education

Thomas More University stands at the forefront of co-operative educational opportunities, internships, and experiential learning. Through regional ​and local partnerships, ​our unique professional development ​courses and tools, and ​with our seasoned and dedicated faculty – who all have practical experience in their fields –  Thomas More University ​sees to it that we are creating and offering educational opportunities that best serve ​our students and prepares them for a successful future. Students at Thomas More receive the education plus the ​hands-on training that allows for creative and collaborative opportunities for both the students and the organizations where they work.

Student Information

Thomas More University facilitates experiential learning opportunities that best serve its students and prepares them for a successful future. If you are serious about a career in business, you have to come to Thomas More.

Our co-op education enables you to:

  • Graduate with work experience that aligns with your degree.
  • Explore and make connections in the industry where you want to work.
  • Participate in new experiences and environments.
  • Earn up to six (6) credit hours toward your degree.
  • Make money while in school.
  • Work a part-time co-op up to 20 hours a week while enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Work a full-time co-op during their summer break while having the option of taking online classes.
  • Work full time while taking online classes and in-person classes that fit around their work schedule.

Employer Information

The Thomas More co-op program is a joint alliance between the employer, the student and the University.

Thomas More co-op employers can:

  • Create a pipeline of qualified applicants with on-the-job training and experience.
  • Have the opportunity to utilize seasonal talent with the option to offer them full time employment.
  • Build a cohort of employees educated at Thomas More, building a strong alliance with a regional university.
  • Nurture a culture with new perspectives providing innovative and diverse ways of doing business for your organization.

Thomas More employer partners have access to:

  • On campus and off campus interviews.
  • On campus and virtual job fairs.
  • On campus information presentations.
  • Designated space at university events.
  • Handshake, the Thomas More’s online platform for students and alumni to post resumes, search and apply for jobs and internships, and learn about campus events. Employers can post jobs, co-op positions, internships, review student profiles, and learn about campus events.

Debby Shipp
Director of Co-Op Education and Corporate Engagement
Debby Shipp has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources where she used continuing education to attract candidates, keep employees engaged, and improve employee retention.

Prior to her current position at Thomas More University, Shipp was the Vice President of Business Growth and International Affairs for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, where she provided assistance and educational programming in an effort to help businesses grow their employee’s professional development and to strengthen their business relationship with the region and the world.

Through education and professional development, Shipp was able to help employees increase the value they brought to their organization and expand their future opportunities. She has seen firsthand that helping one employee increase their earning potential often benefits three generations: the employee, their children, and elderly relatives that rely on them.

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