2021 Ohio River Conference

The Biology Field Station (also known as the “River Station”) at Thomas More University is a one-of-a-kind center for applied biological research whose reach is as wide and powerful as the Ohio River and all its tributaries. Located just 30 minutes from the main Thomas More campus, the Station is perched on the shore of the Ohio River, one of the original U.S. thoroughfares of commerce and transportation. Working closely with federal, state, and local authorities to monitor and improve water quality in the Ohio River, the staff and students at the Station are dedicated to improving water conditions, education, and preserving the rich heritage this and other waterways have to offer.


The Center for Ohio River Research and Education at the Thomas More University Biology Field Station

The Center for Ohio River Research and Education (C.O.R.R.E.) was established in 1998. The Center offers students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the natural world through field courses, research projects and outreach programs that focus on the ecology of the Ohio River. The Center welcomes students of all ages from grade schools to graduate schools and visitors from the general public. Through hands-on, inquiry-based teaching methods, the faculty and students at the Center educate and engage visitors about the Ohio River ecosystem and surrounding watershed, teach the value of the watershed to those who live within it, and empower students to make a positive impact on the River and the surrounding environment.

Biology Field Station Amenities and Facilities:

  • State-of-the-art water chemistry and wet laboratories
  • Recently renovated smart classroom along the River
  • A fleet of research boats for electrofishing and water sampling
  • An outdoor classroom
  • A 3/4 mile interpretive nature trail on the bank of the Ohio River
  • Overnight accommodations in houses and Education Center & Lodge
  • Picnic areas and campground
  • Meteorological Station


The Center for Ohio River Research and Education has become a regional center for research, consulting, government, private industry, environmental education, and community service. Students and faculty have worked with a diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in science, engineering, education, and other similar disciplines. (See Research Projects.) Furthermore, the Center has a tradition of conducting scientific and educational outreach programs, involving undergraduate students and local school students and teachers. (See Field Trips and High School Summer Science Camp.)

Thomas More University Field Station works to improve Ohio River quality

Featured in The Enquirer, November 2014

While the field station has been monitoring the local fish population since 1971, the last decade has brought unprecedented growth, Lorentz said. A major renovation project in the late 1990s helped spark that growth along with the subsequent establishment of its Center for Ohio River Research & Education.

The center offers elementary through graduate students an inside look at the environment through field courses, research projects and outreach programs that focus on the ecology of the Ohio River. READ MORE.


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