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Dyslexia Institute

The Thomas More University Dyslexia Institute is a preeminent source in Kentucky to disseminate the latest research, share practical resources with the community, and to transform the instruction and intervention for all dyslexic children and adults. 

All TMU education graduates will be trained in the identification and remediation of dyslexia. Additionally, all Elementary Education majors will engage in 12+ hours of coursework focusing on literacy instruction in the Science of Reading which embeds explicit instruction for all students in the core components of literacy.

The focus of the Institute is to help highlight the dyslexic profile so parents, teachers, employers, and more truly understand the impact of dyslexia and the unique strengths of the individual. 

Honors Cohort

Are you passionate about education, research, leadership, and service to your community?

The goal of the Thomas More University School of Education Honors Cohort is to provide students with an experiential educational model that is based on reciprocal learning including practical application of their classroom studies; service activities that emerge from and inform classroom context; and structured reflection linking service experiences back to specific learning goals. The honors program provides students with a rigorous and relevant curriculum to engage with high impact practices that enrich the overall learning experiences.

Admission to the School of Education Honors Cohort is competitive and applicants should be aware that meeting the minimum admission criteria does not assure entry into the program. Minimum qualifications to be considered for the scholars program are: 

  • ACT >= 25 (or 18 Math 22 Writing 22 Reading scores)
  • GPA >= 3.5
  • Personal Statement (Writing Sample 250 words) – select one prompt below:
    • Describe your interest in joining the Honors Program for the School of Education at Thomas More University. What motivates you to join the program and the honors community? What about an honors education appeals to you and why?
    • Describe your proudest academic or personal achievement. Why does it stand out in your memory and why is it important to you?
    • Describe some of your academic or personal goals. Why are these goals important to you and what steps have you taken to accomplish these goals? Provide at least one example that demonstrates your perseverance.


  • Direct Admission into a Fall EDU 101 Honors Course (8 weeks)
  • Honors Field and Guest Lecturer Course Fall and Spring of Second year
  • Priority Registration

Professional Development

Thomas More University’s School of Education recognizes the critical role that teachers play in shaping the future of Kentucky’s students. Through professional development programs, Thomas More University provides P-12 educators and leaders with opportunities to enhance their pedagogical knowledge and skills. By staying abreast of the latest research and best practices in education, teachers will be better equipped to design and deliver effective instruction, leading to improved student learning outcomes.

We Provide:

Expert Instruction

Thomas More University professors are educators who have implemented research based professional learning in schools or districts and want to help you achieve the same. Whether you’re a small private K8 or large suburban high school, we will match you with an expert who has worked in a setting like yours.

Customized Services for School Leaders

Looking to improve assessment practices? Working on alignment? Literacy? School culture? Engagement? Collaboration?  Work with an expert to determine what professional learning your school needs. We have experts who can help you with the challenges your school or district faces. Whether a long term project or a one day training, we can help you identify your needs and provide solutions.

On Site Solutions

We provide research based solutions that fit the needs of your school.  Ideas for school wide solutions: 

  • Building and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities
  • The Science of Reading
  • Using Data to Inform Instruction 
  • Identifying and Assessing Essential Skills 

Give your school or district a solid foundation with ongoing support in your area of need.  Have another need? Reach out to our experts.

Sessions for Teachers

We also provide research based solutions that fit the needs of teachers.  Sessions we offer during the school year might include: 

  • Reading Strategies for Students with Dyslexia
  • Strategies to Engage All Students
  • Instruction for English Language Learners
  • Using Proficiency Scales in the Classroom
  • STEM Strategies for the Elementary Classroom
  • PLC Best Practices

STEM Institute

Coming Fall 2026

STEM education is in high demand. Current data in the greater Cincinnati area as well as the state of Kentucky indicate an alarming rate of teacher shortage in the areas of math and science. Preparing our students with specific concentration opportunities that will allow them to stand out among job candidates. It also provides opportunities to support alumni in job advancement. This interdisciplinary institute would partner with our Field Station and biology faculty to provide hands-on opportunities not available at other institutions. 

Advanced Graduate Programs in Education

Masters and Ed Specialist in Instructional Leadership
Coming Fall 2025

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