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Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership





Thomas More knows that the world can always use more ethical leaders. People who, at their core, care about people and their communities. When our students earn a Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership degree, they learn the knowledge and skills to articulate a vision and empower others to help bring the idea to life.

Why earn a Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership degree at Thomas More?

A variety of career sectors are available to students that complete the Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership. Our alumni work in non-profits, government, healthcare, corporations, and education. Ethical Leadership students gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to be well-rounded, practical, empathetic decision-makers.

  • You will learn the top skills employers are looking for, like critical thinking, flexibility, creativity, leadership, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • Many graduates combine the knowledge they gain with their passion for non-profits and mission-driven work.
  • You’ll earn your degree online in less than two years, on a schedule that works around your life.
  • You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to influence others to accomplish shared goals and objectives at every organizational level.
  • Our enrollment and advising team are dedicated to your success and help guide you throughout your program.


“The program helped me understand the importance of ethics, but perhaps in a more essential way, it taught me to act in an ethical manner as a leader. I gained the confidence to communicate my vision to others.”

Sonny Blanco ’20, MAEL, Wrestling Coach

Is a degree from Thomas More right for me?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it.

In a 2019 Georgetown University report, Thomas More was ranked #1 in Kentucky for ROI (Return on Investment) out of 28 public and private colleges and universities, with the highest long-term gain—at more than $1 million.

The more you earn, the more you can earn.

Earning a master’s degree from Thomas More is a smart career move. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report illustrating that the more degrees you earn, the higher your salary potential.

ELS600 Foundation and Principles of Leadership – 3 credit hours

ELS610 Global Leadership – 3 credit hours

ELS620 Leadership in Consulting and Organizational Change – 3 credit hours

ELS630 Ethics for Leaders – 3 credit hours

ELS640 Strategic Leadership in the 21st Century – 3 credit hours

ELS645 leading High Performing Teams – 3 credit hours

ELS660 Non-Profit Leadership – 3 credit hours

ELS665 Research Methods – 3 credit hours

ELS670 Organizational Technology – 3 credit hours

ELS680 Employee Training and Development – 3 credit hours

ELS690 Leading a Diverse Workforce – 3 credit hours

ELS700 Capstone: Leader’s Role in the Design of Quality Practices and Projects – 3 credit hours

$580 a credit hour plus a $230 Saints resource fee, which includes a stipend for books. However, Financial Aid and Scholarships may be available.  Contact an Enrollment Coach today to see how much you qualify to receive!