Thomas More Accelerated & Graduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN)





Are you ready for a highly employable career that’s always in demand? Thomas More’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree offers the flexibility and opportunity to grow your professional skills and advance your career.

Why earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at Thomas More?

Nursing is a blend of scientific knowledge and compassion. At Thomas More University, our faith-based institution stresses the liberal arts to enhance our understanding of the world. Our students leave with a broadened perspective that will strengthen the care of our diverse population.

  • You will have increased job opportunities because many hospitals, especially those with magnet status, require a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Accelerated BSN program that lets you finish your degree in as few as 18 months.
  • You are expanding your credentials in a growing career field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the growth in nursing jobs between 2018 and 2028 to be over 12%, much higher than average.
  • Nurses’ salaries are growing. PayScale estimates an average salary for nurses with a BSN at $84K per year, while the salary average for RNs is $66k per year.  A potential of an $18k per year increase in salary is worth the investment for you and your family.
  • You’ll grow your professional skills, allowing you to take on more-complex leadership roles.
  • You’ll learn from professors who are professionals and leaders in the healthcare industry.


“Thomas More gave me the education and skills needed to advance in my career.”

Melissa Schumacher ’15, BSN, RN St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Is a degree from Thomas More right for me?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it.

In a 2019 Georgetown University report, Thomas More University was ranked #1 in Kentucky for ROI (Return on Investment) out of 28 public and private colleges and universities, with the highest long-term gain—at more than $1 million.

The more you learn, the more you can earn.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report illustrating that the more degrees you earn, the higher your salary potential. And the less likely you will find yourself unemployed during an economic downturn.

Prerequisites Needed to Start Program: (These are transferred in)

Anatomy and Physiology I

Anatomy and Physiology Lab I

Anatomy and Physiology II

Anatomy and Physiology Lab II

Reading, Writing and Research
General Psychology

Algebra (need to complete before statistics)

Liberal Arts Core (18 credit hours, 6 or 8-week courses):

200-Level English – 3 credit hours

Theology – 3 credit hours

Philosophy – 3 credit hours

HIS101 World Civilization I – 3 credit hours

HIS102 World Civilization II – 3 credit hours

Fine Arts – 3 credit hours

Nursing Core (30 credit hours, 8-week courses):

NUR 310 Theory Perspectives in Nursing – 3 credit hours

MAT205 Statistics – 3 credit hours

NUR403 Nursing Research – 2 credit hours

NUR410 Community Health Issues in Nursing – 4 credit hours

NUR410P Community Health Issues Practicum – 4 credit hours

NUR411 Leadership and Management in Nursing – 4 credit hours

NUR411P Leadership and Management Practicum – 4 credit hours

HCM420 Health Informatics – 3 credit hours

HCM480 Healthcare Policies and Issues – 3 credit hours

Students must complete the required courses above, plus earn a total of 120 credit hours.  Students can transfer up to 90 credit hours.

Since every student has different needs, and some transfer in previously earned credit hours (up to 90), we will work with each student to create an individualized package that includes all financial aid options, scholarships, VA education benefits, etc., in which you are eligible. Our advisors can evaluate your transcripts and see what credits will transfer. Many employers also offer tuition reimbursement, and we can help you better understand your organization’s benefits.

An estimated cost of attendance (COA) for our accelerated undergraduate programs is available here. Included in the Saints resource fee is a $120 to $160 per course stipend that will apply toward the cost of your course materials.

Contact an enrollment coach today at (859) 344-3333 or email at accelerate@thomasmore.edu to see how much you qualify to receive!