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August 9

Accelerated Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree

At Thomas More University, we provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to further their education and make the most out of their careers. With our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, our BBA students become business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who do more than what is expected. They share what they have learned to help their organizations, people, and communities grow.

Why earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Thomas More?

The Business Administration Department is the largest academic department at Thomas More University, and in a 2019 Georgetown University report, Thomas More was ranked #1 in Kentucky for ROI (Return on Investment) out of 28 public and private colleges and universities, with the highest long-term gain—at more than $1 million.

  • Our BBA program is ACBSP accredited, a gold mark of distinction for business programs.
  • Whether in person or online, we limit our class size to 20-25 students, ensuring you get the personal attention you deserve.
  • The 24-month program works around your schedule.*
  • Concierge Service dedicated to your success will guide you throughout the entire program.
  • Graduates go on to careers across many diverse industries, such as financial services, healthcare, retail, logistics, technology, and more.


“One morning, I woke up and realized I had a great life but didn’t have a great career. I needed to get them better in balance, and Thomas More seemed to be the answer to that.”

Chris Fischer ’95, BBA, President & CEO, Systems Insight, Inc.

Is a degree from Thomas More right for me?

Of course, but don’t take our word for it.

According to Niche.com, Thomas More is the 6th ranked BBA university in Kentucky.

The more you learn, the more you can earn.

Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree might be the next step in your career, but it shouldn’t be your last. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report illustrating that the more degrees you earn, the higher your salary potential. And the less likely you will find yourself unemployed during an economic downturn.

BBA Program Sequence (57 credit hours, 6-week courses):

BUA201 Skills for Business Professionals – 3 credit hours

BUA301 Organization and Management – 3 credit hours

BUA305 Effective Business Writing – 3 credit hours

BUA291 Business Law – 3 credit hours

ACC208 A Survey of Financial Accounting – 3 credit hours

ACC205 Accounting for Management – 3 credit hours

BUA302 Organizational Behavior – 3 credit hours

BUA311 Marketing – 3 credit hours

BUA241 Mathematical Analysis for Management – 3 credit hours

BUA249 Business Statistics – 3 credit hours

PHI217 Business Ethics – 3 credit hours

BUA341 Quantitative Methods for Business – 3 credit hours

ECO102 Introduction to Macroeconomics – 3 credit hours

BUA321 Business Finance – 3 credit hours

BUA307 Leadership – 3 credit hours

BUA331 Operations Management – 3 credit hours

BUA303 Human Resource Management – 3 credit hours

BUA405 International Management – 3 credit hours

BUA498 Strategic Management – 3 credit hours

Liberal Arts Core (33 credit hours, 6 or 8-week courses):*

ENG150 Literature, Writing, and Research – 3 credit hours

200-Level English – 3 credit hours

Social Science – 3 credit hours

Theology – 3 credit hours

Communication – 3 credit hours

Natural Science – 3 credit hours

HIS101 World Civilization I – 3 credit hours

HIS102 World Civilization II – 3 credit hours

Fine Arts – 3 credit hours

BUA107 Mathematics for Business

Decision Making – 3 credit hours

ECO101 Introduction to Microeconomics – 3 credit hours

*To meet accreditation standards, bachelor degrees require a total of 120 total credit hours, which includes the required courses above to earn your BBA. 30 hours of general electives may be transferred in from other universities, or you may opt to complete your Associate of Arts in Management (AA) on your way to earning your BBA to get to 120 total hours. Our personal advisors will help design just the right curriculum for you!

Since every student has different needs, and some transfer in previously earned credit hours (up to 90), we will work with each student to create an individualized package that includes all financial aid options, scholarships, VA education benefits, etc., in which you are eligible. Our advisors can evaluate your transcripts and see what credits will transfer. Many employers also offer tuition reimbursement, and we can help you better understand your organization’s benefits.

An estimated cost of attendance (COA) for our accelerated undergraduate programs is available here. Included in the Saints resource fee is a $120 to $160 per course stipend that will apply toward the cost of your course materials.

Contact an enrollment coach today at (859) 344-3333 or email at accelerate@thomasmore.edu to see how much you qualify to receive!