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Thomas More’s Residence Life is committed to creating a community environment that fosters the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual growth of all residents. The staff is trained to provide residents with the support and challenges that are necessary for a meaningful living-learning experience.

One of the most beneficial things students can do for themselves while in college is to live on campus. Studies show that students who live on campus are making a choice that positively impacts their lives, enriches their day-to-day interactions, and makes their educational experience more fulfilling. It is the University’s hope that students will take advantage of the many things that campus living at Thomas More offers.

Room Options

All students seeking to live on campus must apply for room reservations through the Office of Student Life. A one-time, non-refundable $100 housing fee is required at the time of application. The balance and payment date for the room and meal plan charges are indicated on every billing statement.

Single occupancy rooms are assigned on a need basis or are based on availability.

Type of RoomRate
Traditional Single$2,680
Traditional Double$2,110
Renaissance Single$3,780
Renaissance Double$2,830
Murphy Suite-Style Single$3,780
Murphy Suite-Style Double$3,020


Residence Halls

Ackerman Hall

A traditional, single-sex male residence hall that can house up to 136 students. Recently renovated in 2015, Ackerman Hall has been painted, carpeted in common areas, and new furniture has replaced old furniture in the study areas. Ackerman features a large study lounge and recreational lounge. The recreational lounge has a large screen TV, pool tables, and ping-pong tables. Rooms are carpeted, and furnished with desks, chairs, beds, closets, bureaus, and waste baskets. Blinds are provided in all rooms. The room’s floor size is approximately 15′ x 11′ – click to see example floorplan.

Residents in Ackerman Hall who wish to have a microwave and refrigerator are required to participate in the Microfridge Program.

Murphy Hall

Murphy Hall was opened in 2002, this suite-style residence hall can house up to 160 students. It is co-ed by floor. The hall’s 4-person suites are arranged with two people each having an individual bedroom. Each suite includes private bathroom facilities. Murphy Hall includes a large recreational area with a large screen TV, pool table, and public kitchenette. ADA accessible accommodations are also available. Rooms are carpeted and furnished with desks, chairs, beds, closets, and bureaus. Blinds are provided in all rooms. The bedroom’s floor size is approximately 15′ x 11′.

Howard and Marian Halls

Recently renovated, both Howard Hall and Marian Hall are traditional residence halls that can house up to 72 students each. The buildings share a recreational lounge space and have 2 large study lounges. The recreational lounge has a big screen TV, fireplace, vending machine, and pool table. Rooms have a tile floor and are furnished with desks, chairs, beds, closets, and waste baskets. Blinds are provided in all rooms. The room’s floor size is approximately 15′ x 11” – click to see example floorplan.

Residents in Howard and Marian Halls who wish to have a microwave and refrigerator are required to participate in the Microfridge Program.

Renaissance Hall

Renaissance Hall is the newest addition to the residence hall system. Opening in Fall 2018, this traditional-style residence hall can house up to 96 students. The first floor is co-ed by wing. On the second floor, both wings are made up of women and on the third floor, both wings are made up of men. A Renaissance double will have: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 chairs, 4 two drawer dressers, and 2 built in closet spaces). The residents of each wing will share 4 semi-private full size (sink, toilet, shower) bathrooms. Residents of each floor will share a full kitchen and a common living area. The resident rooms have tile flooring.

Additional Features in Renaissance Hall Include:

  • Internet connections with wireless capability
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Semi-private bathroom and shower
  • Three laundry facilities with free service
  • Lounge study areas
  • 24 hour restricted access

Meal Plan Options

All resident students of Thomas More University are required to participate in a meal plan.

All first year residents are required to purchase either the All Access or 14-meal plan. All other residents are required to purchase a meal plan of their choice for each semester.

Flex dollars can be used at any on-campus food service facility, including The Interlude Cafe in the Saints Center. Unused flex cash from the fall semester is applied to the spring, but is not refundable at the end of the academic year.

Any questions or suggestions – menus or any special dietary requirements students might have – should be brought to the attention of the campus Food Service Director. More information about meal plans can be found at the Campus Dining Web Site. All freshman resident students are required to purchase either the All Access or 14-meal plan. All other resident students are required to purchase a meal plan of their choice for each semester.

Plan TypeRate
All Access Plan with $100 flex dollars$2,550
Weekly 14 meals with $150 flex dollars$2,170
Weekly 10 meals with $150 flex dollars$1,840

Commuter meal plans can be purchased online. For further details on meal plans, contact the Food Service Office at 859-344-3317.

Housing Application Form

It is a very exciting time to live here and there are many exciting changes coming in the near future. The first step in living on campus is filling out the housing application.

All students who will be under 60 credit hours at the end of the spring 2021 term of the Thomas More University residency requirement that requires them to live on campus. This applies to all traditional, undergraduate students, regardless of previous exemptions from this policy.

Once the housing application is completed, please also provide the following: Student Health Form, Tuberculosis screening, and a copy of immunization records. These forms can be found under “Apps & Forms” in the housing portal. Please upload the immunization records into the Student Health Form or fax the records to the campus nurse at 859-344-3636. Room selection will begin in mid-March. Please contact Assistant Dean of Students Tori Myles at mylest@thomasmore.edu with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Residency Requirement

All students who have earned less than 60 credit hours will be required to live on campus and participate in a meal plan program. This applies to the current resident population as well as to the new incoming class.

All first-year and sophomore students (or students under 60 credit hours) should plan to live on campus; however, it is understood that there may be unique circumstances warranting special consideration for exemption from this requirement.

Housing Exemptions

Students who live at home with their parents/legal guardians in their primary residence in one of the following counties could qualify to be exempt:

  • Kentucky: Boone, Campbell, Kenton,
  • Ohio: Hamilton, Clermont

In addition, the following conditions could qualify a student to be exempt:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Married
  • Parent with custodial responsibilities
  • Part-time student (taking less than 9 credit hours a semester)
  • Extenuating health and medical circumstances

If students would like to be considered for an exemption based on these criteria, please complete the Housing Verificaton Form. You can also access the housing verification form by  by logging into MyTMU, click on  “resources” and then click on the “housing” tab on the left.

Each building has wireless connections available.

TMU has campus safety officers on patrol 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure the safety and security of all Thomas More students. In order to enter a residence hall the student must swipe their college ID. Only residents living in that building have access. There are security cameras on all doors of the residence halls to provide extra safety. Resident assistance staff and campus safety monitor the front desk of each hall during the late evening until morning hours.

Residents play a large part in the safety and security of the halls. It is imperative that residents make sure their doors are locked when they are in or out of their rooms. Following the guest policy is another way to help with safety and security. All guest(s) must be checked in and escorted by their host at all times.

Residents may have overnight guests of the same sex. They must register their overnight guest with the staff member on duty by 10:30pm. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to stay overnight without prior approval from the Assistant Dean of Students. No guest may stay overnight more than 5 nights in 1 calendar month or more than 3 nights consecutively. There may be no overnight guest without the approval of all roommates.

There are laundry facilities in each building. There is no cost to the resident to use the facility.

It is the resident’s responsibility to clean their own rooms. In Howard, Marian, Ackerman, and Renaissance, there is a staff member that helps to keep the restroom clean and replenished. The residents assist with this by cleaning after themselves and utilizing the trash cans appropriately. In Murphy Hall the residents are solely responsible for the cleanliness of their restroom. Inspections of the Murphy bathrooms will be made once a month during smoke detector checks to ensure that all bathrooms are being properly maintained.

Room cancelations for the fall semester should be done by June 1st and for the spring semester by December 1. Room cancelations after the first day of class are pro-rated at the following rate: 100 percent during first week, 75 percent during second week, 50 percent during third week, and 25 percent during fourth week.

Roommate requests are honored whenever possible. Each applicant must request the other person(s) on their housing application.

Hopefully no one will encounter this situation. Roommate relationships can be successful if each individual keeps an open mind and is optimistic. Most roommate relationships evolve successfully over time, especially when roommates show respect and good communication directly and honestly.

If students are experiencing irresolvable roommate conflicts with their roommate, see the RA. The RA will sit down with all parties involved for a mediation session. Issues that have arrived and may arrive in the future. If the mediation session is unsuccessful the RA will contact the Senior RA for the building. If the SRA is unable to resolve the issues the SRA can recomend to the Assistant Dean of Students a move be made.

The short answer is ‘yes’, but room changes are usually a last resort measure. There is a room change period that all residents must adhere to.

Residence Life Partners

Microfridge Rental Information

Thomas More is proud to offer the opportunity to rent MicroFridges in all residence halls this year. The MicroFridge is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a refrigerator, true freezer, and microwave – all-in-one! This is a convenient option so you don’t have to haul a fridge to campus and find a place to store it each summer. To request information about renting a unit for your room, click here. Bedloft will deliver a MicroFridge to the room before move in, and will take care of and service the appliance as needed during the year.

Marian, Howard, and Ackerman Hall residents are not allowed to have a microwave in their individual rooms except for the MicroFridge, so we recommend renting one from Bedloft. MicroFridge has a patented Safe Plug internal circuitry; reducing the risk of circuit overloads. Additional safety information and features can be found on the Bedloft website.


Need More Information?

For housing or dining questions, please contact the Residence Life Department at 859-344-3544 or by email at housing@thomasmore.edu. Visit in person in the Student Life Hallway of the Thomas More Main Administration Building.