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​The Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a multidisciplinary study of business principles and processes applied to the sports and entertainment industries. This undergraduate major is supported by courses from the fields of communication, economics, accounting, and business. This degree program is designed to prepare students for further graduate study or a variety of career and leadership opportunities in the sport business, entertainment field, and recreational management. Program objectives prepare the student for the demands involved in the operation of sport and entertainment programs at various levels.

The mission of the program adheres to the mission of the University, that is, to examine the ultimate meaning of life, your place in the world, and your responsibility to others. Accordingly, graduates of this program will leave Thomas More with the critical thinking and ethical leadership skills that is fostered by our liberal arts core. Through the many classes in history, literature, philosophy, theology and the sciences students will develop the skills to communicate clearly verbally and through writing, as well as make ethical decisions, and examine situations from more than one point of view.

Most of the students in this program are also athletes and the department offers evening and one-day-a-week classes for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, which provide the flexibility to schedule courses around sports and other commitments.

​Classes involve readings, discussions, projects, field trips as well as simulations and reflection papers that tie their personal experiences with the material at hand. There will be many opportunities for students to write papers, make presentations and solve problems as well as work in groups. Most importantly, students will engage with other like-minded students to work together and help each other build a knowledge base and a network that will serve each student’s interest long after graduation.

The Director of the program, Dr. ​Robert Arnold, began as a faculty member at Thomas More College in 1995. He holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Juris Doctorate in Law, and a Ph.D. of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Sports Marketing. He  teaches undergraduate courses in sports and entertainment marketing and in business law as well as a graduate courses in legal, political, and regulatory environment.  Prior to joining the faculty he maintained a law practice with a small firm in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. He also had 8 years of professional business experience prior to practicing law.

​​Alumni of the sports and entertainment marketing program work in a variety of fields. Many graduates have furthered their education by getting a graduate assistance position and earning a masters degree in a particular field like sports administration. There have been a few alumni who have gone to law school to pursue the field at a higher level. You can find alumni of the program working as coaches, athletic directors, marketing professionals, and personal representatives for their clients.

​Every student who graduates from the sports and entertainment marketing program is required to do an internship.  This is the first step in the process of starting a career in the industry.  Several students have been able to parlay their internship into a full time position.  Others have used their internship as a way to check out certain industries and companies to see if it’s a good fit. Others have used their internship to make connections and build a solid resume.  Regardless of the reason, students will find that gaining this experience is invaluable as they move from college student to full time professional.

​There are no special requirements for admission. Once you are admitted to the University, you can start right away into the sports and entertainment marketing courses in your first year.

​There are no specific scholarships available for this program.  However, this program is part of the College of Business which does have a few scholarships available.  Students who might be interested should check with the College of Business for opportunities that might exist.  There also may be work-study opportunities available for students.

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