This multidisciplinary program is designed to supplement majors and pre-professional programs in the health sciences. The minor in gerontology provides background in the process of aging which is helpful for students interested in health care, the social sciences, and psychology. With courses in biology, psychology, sociology, and death and dying students move on to a field practicum at the end of the program.

  • The gerontology program prepares students to specialize in the care of the elderly in their respective chosen careers.
  • Health care facilities, nursing homes, and some investment firms actively recruit graduates with a background in gerontology.
  • We have 3 different pathways to earn your Gerontology minor.
  • Tracks 1 and 2 are for biology majors and nursing majors respectively.
  • These future healthcare providers (MD’s, PA’s, PT’s, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc) use their gerontology minor to help them better serve their patients.
  • Track 3 is designed for all other majors be it psychology, sociology, business, etc. All of these other majors lead to careers where gerontological issues will be helpful in serving their future clients.
  • This is where each of their senior practicums will be customized to apply the course material studied to their respective real world applications.

​The gerontology curriculum at Thomas More draws its strength from courses provided by four disciplines: Biology, psychology, sociology and theology. The course content is designed to integrate with the liberal arts emphasis at Thomas More.

​The faculty covering the gerontology curriculum at Thomas More draws its strength from a wide variety of faculty in the fields of biology, psychology, sociology, and theology.

Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Doctor and Dentist Offices, Physical/Occupational Therapy Practices, Pharmacies, Adult Day Care Centers, Law Offices and Investment Firms who hold power of attorney for elderly clients.

​​Any career of the student’s choice that involves the elderly in the community. Student’s gerontology minor will help better serve them.

​Experiential learning during required semester long practicum course.

​A caring compassionate concern and respect for the aging members of the community.

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