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Art History is the basis for all art. Thomas More University’s program is a comprehensive look at art throughout history.

The flexibility within the minor (12 hours of elective art history courses) make it perfect for individuals who want to tailor their art history experience. This program tries to bring current trends into focus with courses like A History of Photography, The History of Graphic Design, and History of Animation. The program also looks at subjects that are of specific interest to the demographic of our students, in courses like: Art and Culture of the American West, African American Art and Artists, American Art: Pre-Columbian to the Civil War, American Art: The Gilded Age to the Twenty-First Century, The Cincinnati Wing at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and A Critical Look at Winslow Homer and Thomas Eakins.

The art history courses at Thomas More are full of students from every discipline of study. This creates an atmosphere of varied and interesting perspectives, making our conversations more in-depth and pushes the conversations to unexpected places.

The art history minor is comprised of 21 credit hours. The first three are Art History I, Art History II, and 20th Century Art. The next three are of student choosing, allowing students to create a unique experience based on what is offered and on where the student’s interests lie. The last three hours of study is an independent study of an area of art history chosen by the student which culminates in a sizable thesis paper.

Dr. Rebecca Bilbo

As the art historian of the department Professor Bilbo provides the historical and theoretical component to the art program as well as providing a variety of courses for the University’s core curriculum.


Kate Rowekamp

Kate swapped out her student hat for an instructor hat when she returned to Thomas More to teach in 2014 while finishing out her final year of graduate school at Miami University. After earning her master’s degree, Kate continued to teach at Thomas More, influenced to stay by her team of enthusiastic art department colleagues.


Thomas More Art History Professors (PDF)

The list of careers open to students with art history degrees includes but is not limited to: animators, archivists, art appraisers, art dealers, art therapists, brand managers, cartographers, cartoonists, ceramicists, color consultants, conservators, costume designers, creative directors, critics, display artists, editors, environmental designers, exhibit designers, gallery directors, game designers, graphic designers, illustrators, interior designers, jewelry designers, motion graphics designers, museum curators, painters, photographers, sculptors, set designers, teachers, and website designers.

The art department typically reserve experiential learning for majors experiences. However, should students be interested in a co-op or internship in Art History, we would help them find options in museums, auction houses, and galleries.

​We offer two scholarships for students at Thomas More. The first is won at a high school exhibition every December. Students from high schools around the area submit work and are judged into the exhibition. Each faculty chooses a piece and there is a best of show, and each of these winners receive a scholarship. The second scholarship we have is a portfolio scholarship offered to high school students already admitted to Thomas More. We do this every spring and the number of recipients vary year to year.

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