2021 Ohio River Conference hosts

Ohio River conference

On behalf of the Ohio River Basin Alliance (ORBA) and the Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research & Education (ORBCRE), Thomas More University is pleased to host the Annual ORBA Summit and ORBCRE Symposium October 6 through the 8, 2021.

The theme for this year’s meeting is:

“Ohio River Basin confluence of collaboration and knowledge to accelerate progress and share successes”

The Ohio River Basin Alliance is a collaborative, unified voice of stakeholders for water resource priorities of the Ohio River Basin striving to sustain healthy ecosystems and river communities and vibrant water-dependent economies.   In collaboration, The Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education is an association of universities, colleges, governmental agencies, industries, and individuals focused on research, education and information exchange in water-related concerns and other environmental issues in the Ohio River Basin.

Please join us as we work towards ensuring the economic vitality, environmental health and quality of life for all those living throughout the Ohio River Basin.  Conference sessions include discussions around:

  • Abundant Clean Water
  • Healthy and Productive Ecosystems
  • Reliable Flood Control and Risk Reduction
  • River Transportation Corridor
  • World-Class Recreation Opportunities