Program Cost

Annual tuition and fees for the three year program is $15,000. This cost is a flat rate that will be charged as $7,500 at the fall and spring semesters, with no additional cost charged for the summer session. $15,000 is inclusive of tuition and general fees (not including specific course fees) and will not be increased during the three year program cycle. Tuition and fees are independent of any cost for housing and board for students choosing to reside on campus. Students in the compressed program are being charged a significantly lower rate and thus are not eligible for other College scholarship programs. Federal, state, loans and independent aid can be used to cover the cost. Students who choose to move from the accelerated to the four year track will move to the traditional tuition schedule and will be eligible for aid based on their ACT/GPA at the time they were accepted and the GPA received during the compressed program duration.