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Student Grievance Procedures

Thomas More College is committed to respecting and supporting all members of our College community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. Student grievances/complaints are usually the result of behavior that the person feels is unjust, inequitable, or creates an unnecessary hardship. Whenever possible, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the individual(s) or office involved. Often a grievance can be resolved in this way.

The College encourages an environment in which constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience of all who use its services. It is the College’s goal to investigate issues thoroughly as close to the initial point of contact as possible and to find solution to the grievances promptly in the best interests of all parties, recognizing the value of using this as an opportunity to continuously improve our services, programs and policies.

Students should first try to resolve the grievance informally by talking with the individual(s) or office directly connected with the grievance. If talking to the individual has not resolved the problem, then review the list of existing resources to identify who best can assist with resolving the situation. Contact the office to schedule an appointment with appropriate College official to discuss your concern. This person may request that you provide some documentation, such as time, place, history of interactions, or people involved. See the list of Campus Resources below to help you get started.

The College official will address the grievance with the individual in a timely manner and to the best of his/her ability. Appropriate actions and steps will be taken; if necessary, to resolve the issue for the good of the student and the department with the goal of service improvement.

If the problem remains unresolved, the Director or staff member may refer the student to the Dean of Student Affairs, Vice President of Academic Affairs or his/her designee for further assistance.

If at any time the student is unsure how to begin the process or what office to contact, please visit the Dean of Student Affairs for direction on where to begin.

Campus Resources
To Assist in Resolving Student Grievances

Academic Affairs: (859-344-3375) academic and classroom related concerns, faculty concerns, or grade issues. Also review the academic appeal process, which is described in the Academic catalog and a complete listing for Academic Departments.

Athletics: (859-344-3308) athletics programs, practices, tryouts, schedules, coaches, and athletic facilities.

Business Office: (859-344-3315) student account and billing, tuition and fee concerns, SAINTS Experience Fee.

Campus Safety: (859-341-4867) parking issues, student ID, Emergency Alert notification system, overall safety concerns and emergency procedures.

Dean of Student Affairs: (859-344-3544) student activities, food services and meal plans, residence hall facilities, roommate conflict, student conduct or student behavior, general student grievances. Also review the Saints Community Standards which describes the student expectations, policies, and procedures impacting students.

Financial aid and Scholarships: (859-344-3319) financial aid, FAFSA, scholarship, loans and grants, student employment, Satisfactory Academic Progress (for federal, state, and institutional eligibility), returning of Title IV funds when a student withdraws.

Institute for Academic Excellence:  (859-344-3507) disability services, accommodations, peer-to-peer tutoring, academic support services.

IT Help Desk: (859-344-3646) or ( email, printing capabilities, technology compatibility questions, software issues, computer lab concerns.

Registrar Office: (859-344-3380) student records (FERPA), course registration, course offerings, classroom locations, change of major, change of address, catalog.

Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment: contact either the Title IX Coordinator (859-344-3314) or Dean of Student Affairs (859-344-3544): unlawful discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence incident.

Student Government Association solicits student input on issues relevant to the operation of the College and student satisfaction. SGA has placed suggestion boxes throughout campus, advertises a dedicated e-mail address and holds periodic forums to foster dialogue with the student body and focus attention on improving student services and facilities. SGA works with in conjunction with the Dean of Student Affairs to facilitate responses to student issues and concerns.