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Counseling Satisfaction Survey

This survey is given each semester in order to obtain your feedback regarding your counseling services here at the Wellness Center. Our goal is to improve our services. This survey is a completely confidential electronic survey. None of your information nor your email address can be seen. We very much appreciate your participation in this survey. Please enter your counselor's name at the top, fill out your survey, and then click submit at the bottom. From the counselors of the TMC Wellness Center, Thank You.

This survey is confidential however it would be helpful if you gave us your counselor's name:

  1. I was treated respectfully and professionally by the counselor:

  2. Appointment times were available which fit my academic schedule:

  3. Confidentiality was stressed and honored:

  4. Because of my counseling experience, I have been better able to address my current life problems in at least one specific way:

  5. Because of my counseling experience, I have been better able to focus on academic performance:

  6. If a referral of other services was needed, I was given proper assistance in accessing the additional services:

  7. The Location of Counseling works well for counseling services:

  8. Counseling has helped me to remain at TMC:

  9. I learned about the availability of Counseling Services through:

  10. Suggestions for brief educational workshops/programs re: mental health/substance abuse/wellness:

  11. If Thomas More College could make one change in any area of the programs/services/community life of the college, which would improve the overall mental health of students, what would it be?

  12. Additional Comments: