Welcome to the Office of Student Life at Thomas More University. The student life office includes many functional areas, all of which, collectively, aim to support students as they grow and develop during their time at Thomas More University.

We coordinate many of the activities and services that take place outside the classroom and the office serves as advocates for students in a variety of contexts. We hope students will take advantage of these programs, many of which focus on developing leadership skills that will enable students to discover their strengths and help them contribute meaningfully to the life of the University and beyond.

The Office of Student Life also challenges students to make wise choices and to take responsibility for the choices they make. The Office of Student Life serves as students principal resource for interpreting and regulating policies and procedures as these apply to life outside the classroom.

Students should feel free to bring issues or concern regarding their rights as a student or grievances regarding their experience outside of the classroom to the Student Life Office or email Latorria Myles.

The Offices in Student Life include:

Residence Life

Student Activities

Counseling Services

Campus Health

Campus Ministry

Student Conduct