Parent Information

College life is very exciting and full of wonderful opportunities and yet comes with a lot of challenges that may cause students and parents stress and uncertainty. Students are moving into adulthood and becoming more independent which often changes the relationship they have with their parents. This can be challenging to deal with and creates mixed emotions in both students and parents. Parents worry about not “being needed” and not “being involved” in their student’s lives in the same way as they have been. Students often feel the challenges of college and the changes they are experiencing can become overwhelming and unmanageable and may need some assistance to get back on a positive productive path. Sometimes just talking with parents or family members can help the challenges seem less stressful and can help resolve personal issues. We at TMU view parents as critical partners in helping students thrive in the college environment and overcome these challenges. Even though your relationship may go through changes students still “need” to have contact and have the support of their parents.