Theatre & Villa Players

As the only liberal arts theatre program in the Greater Cincinnati area, Thomas More creates a welcoming environment in which all students are invited to become a Villa Player! From acting to directing, lighting to set design, you will experience every aspect of theatre through your coursework and collegiate productions. Many of our Players participate in band, choir, and sports. Our community also encourages students of all majors and programs to audition.

Unlike other programs, it is not necessary to audition to get into the Theatre program. But there are some Theatre Grants available for majors in which an audition and interview process are required.

Proceed with Confidence- We’re proud of the fact that our graduates can say, “I know how to do that, let me help!” Thomas More graduates currently work as actors, directors, choreographers, and arts administrators in professional capacities. Since we include everyone in our program, as opposed to conservatory training programs, every aspect of the theatrical experience can be learned by any student. Your future in theatre looks brighter from your first show.

Upcoming Shows

The Glass Menagerie
at The American Legacy Theatre
June 2-11, 2023
Click HERE for showtimes and ticket information

Tickets purchased at the theater box office on the day of the show must be cash and check only.

Interested in Thomas More’s Theatre Program?

For More Information, Contact:

Greg Procaccino
Department of Theatre
Thomas More University