Pursuing Academic & Cultural Excellence (PACE) Mentoring Program

The Pursuing Academic & Cultural Excellence (PACE) Mentoring Program in the matriculation & retention of minority students at Thomas More University. The program provides mentorship and programming centered around academics, personal improvement, social skills, & leadership development. It also creates a network among minority students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Objectives of the PACE program:

  • Create and implement workshops designed to enhance the quality of life for minority students.
  • Cultivate and reinforce positive and productive study skills.
  • Provide examples of positive role modeling and mentoring.
  • Encourage student engagement & participation in Thomas More University programs.
  • To promote healthy relationships among minority students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Scholarship: Scholarships will be awarded to all students that are accepted into the program and meet all requirements for admission. Students must maintain participation in the program in order to receive scholarships. The amount will vary between $1,000 to $5,000 in addition to other institutional aid and will be awarded based on need, academic performance, and high school extra-curricular involvement. Please direct further questions regarding the scholarship to enrollment counselor, Debbie Beausejour

Mentorship: Ten current minority students will be hand-selected to mentor 20-30 first-year students. Each current student will be assigned two first-year students. They will be responsible for scheduling two meetings per month with their assigned first year student. Mentors will need to follow all expectations of the program. Students will be paired based on gender, academic major and or special interest. Mentors will also be required to host two programs individually or collectively per year for the mentees. Students will be informed of admissions the summer prior to the fall semester.

Please contact the PACE Steering Committee if you have any questions: Assistant Dean of Students – Latorria Myles (, Enrollment Counselor for Diversity Recruitment – Debbie Beausejour (, Education Professor, Faculty – Brittany Mention (