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Course Listings

MIS113 Computer Applications and Hardware (3)
A review of the history and need for information processing, the basic information processing cycle and functions, the processing capabilities of computers, system development, and program development. Key application areas in business, including word processing, data base management systems, spreadsheets, and web page design will be examined in some depth. The hardware associated with a computer will be discussed and examined. Hands-on use of a microcomputer for at least an introductory acquaintance with each application will be required. Installation of hardware and software will also be covered. Cross-listed as CIS 113.

MIS114 Introduction to Programming (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 113. Introduction to basic programming techniques and fundamental structures and methodologies of modern programming languages. Topics include basic program structure, variables, scope, decision structures, and loops. The course involves multiple programming projects. Cross-listed as CIS 114.

MIS150 Programming I (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 114. Introduction to visual object-oriented computer programming. Basic concepts such as data types, decisions, looping, arrays, files, and databases will be introduced. Present day object-oriented language will be used.

MIS211 Programming II (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 150. Introduction to elementary object-oriented programming concepts and methodologies. Topics include types, decisions, loops, methods, arrays, and classes. An emphasis is placed on object-oriented design and problem-solving. The course involves multiple programming projects. Cross listed as CIS 211.

MIS320 Database Management Systems (3)
Prerequisites: MIS 150. This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental concepts of relational databases and their applications. Students will learn about conceptualizing data using ERD, designing and normalizing tables, designing and running SQL scripts. The course will also discuss non-relational databases. Cross-listed as CIS 267.

MIS341 Web Programming I (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 150. An introductory course in web programmimg and application development. This course will cover design and development of interactive we applications including client-side and server-side programming and database interaction. Basic website security vulnerabilities will also be highlighted. Cross-listed as CIS 341.

MIS342 Web Programming II (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 320, 341. A continuation of Web Programming I. This course will build upon concepts from Web Programming I by adding authentication and authorization, web services and mobile web development. Students will be required to complete one hands-on, large-scale web development project. Cross-listed as CIS 342.

MIS350 Management Information Systems (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 320. This course covers a wide range of topics necessary for all students in the field of Information Systems. It introduces the full implication of information systems, their types, and applications. Different hardware and communication platforms are discussed. The course explores the internet and its applications. Integration of information technology, the operation of business organizations, and its impact on management, ethics, and decision making is presented.

MIS390 Business Simulation (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350; BUA 249, 341. This course provides fundamental and practical concepts of computer-based simulation and modelling techniques and its role in business and industry problem solving. It explains the concept of modeling, and students will learn how to build a model for a real-world business system. A general simulation tool, such as Excel, will be used to build models in areas such as management and financial applications.

MIS405 IT Project Management (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350; BUA 204. Managing IT projects requires ideas and information that go beyond standard project management. This course weaves theory and practice together, presenting a comprehensive, integrated view of many concepts, skills, tools, and technologies involved in IT project Management. The course applies all the nine areas in project management and builds on the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) to provide a solid framework and context for managing IT projects. The course will utilize MS Project.

MIS415 Data Mining, Warehousing, and Big Data (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350; BUA 249. This course will cover a blend of three critical areas in Information Systems; Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Big data. It will introduce the fundamentals of each area with a reasonable depth. Data warehousing and data mining are two major areas of exploration for knowledge discovery in databases Data mining is for relatively unstructured data for which more sophisticated techniques are needed. Big data is about collecting and extracting structured data from unstructured data. All these three area are vital for a better decision making in Business and industry.

MIS455 Business Intelligence (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350, 415; BUA 249. This course provides an introduction to business intelligence (BI), which is an information technology approach to data collection and data analysis. Business Intelligence is used to transform business data into useful information in order to support business decision-making in a wide variety of business areas. Students learn analytical components and technologies used to create tools such as dashboards and scorecards.

MIS460 Introduction to Information Security (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350. Information Security is one of the major concerns in todays global digital world. This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of Information Security as a whole, its terminology and history. It presents a balanced introduction to both security management and the technical components of security from the perspective of Information Systems. Students will learn how to identify the needs and benefits of security, make informed decisions on selecting and developing strategies for managing information security plans at their work places.

MIS462 Decision Support Using Advanced Excel (3)
Prerequisite: MIS 350; BUA 341. This course is designed to provide MIS majors with conceptual knowledge of Decision Support Systems. DSS is one of the most important categories of Information Systems and a very powerful computerized tool in decision making. The course will also provide students with the hands-on practice to utilize MS Excel and tools such as what-if analysis, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, and Solver.

MIS463 Ethics in IT (3)
Prerequisites MIS 350. In an era where information technology changes constantly, a thoughtful response to these rapid changes requires a basic understanding of IT history, an awareness of current issues, and a familiarity with ethics. Ethics for the Information Age covers ethical theories used to analyze problems encountered by computer users in todays environment. By presenting provocative issues such as social networking, government surveillance, and intellectual property from all points of view, the course challenges students to think critically and draw their own conclusions, which ultimately prepares them to become responsible ethical users of future technologies.

MIS490 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
Prerequisites: Senior status; MIS 405. A capstone course in the MIS Major. It will provide students with the in-depth knowledge and training required to analyze and design information systems in order to solve business problems. The course will dissect all the phases of the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) and will explore a range of methodologies used in analysis and design such as the O.O.