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Admission Requirements for M.Ed.

To be considered for admission, in-service teachers interested in applying to the program must hold a current teacher certification and at present be employed within a school district for at least one year. Those who are not currently in-service teachers may also apply, but preference is for those who work within the field of education.

Interested candidates should begin the online application process or request a paper based application.

Interested applicants need to have an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or higher or a GRE score of 308.

To complete the application process, candidates must provide:

Selected applicants will be contacted for an on-campus interview with the M.Ed. Committee.

  • Per federal regulations F-1 students may not enroll in more than one class or three credits per semester online. Therefore, F-1 students are not eligible to enroll in the fully online option of this program at Thomas More College.