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Course Listings

EDM505 Classroom Applications of Technology (3)
This course introduces students to the utilization of technology and multimedia as part of the educational process. Laboratory experiences are included. The course will focus on technological solutions necessary for a professional career as a teacher.

EDM511 Human Development, Behavior, and Learning (3)
This course entails development through the life span: physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and personal development. Special emphasis is given to these areas as they relate to children in school and to the adults who influence them. Requires 5 hours of clinical experience.

EDM512 Methods of Effective Classroom Instruction (3)
In this course, students learn about effective classroom methods and instructional strategies with a concentration on applying research-based instruction. Using research-based stategies, students will learn how to design lessons, plan units, align assessments with outcomes, and implement best practices. Students will learn how to address instructional needs of all students and examine data driven decision making in local school districts. Candidates will shadow teachers in the content area, and reflect upon the various strategies being covered. Requires 15 hours of clinical experience.

EDM515 Classroom Management and Discipline (3)
This course explores recent research and theory related to planning, organizing, and managing student learning and behavior in the classroom. Students will demonstrate effective classroom management and disciplinary teachings and will develop a comprehensive classroom management plan. Requires 15 hours of clinical experience.

EDM517 Exceptionalities and Schooling (3)
An overview of identification, evaluation, and placement procedures for exceptional learners. Other topics will include the principles and procedures for adapting educational programs to accommodate the integration of exceptional children in the regular classroom, the identification of educationally relevant special education methods and materials, modification of the curriculum and classroom environment and utilization of supportive sources and personnel, including teachers. Legal requirements are addressed. Requires 5 hours of clinical experience.

EDM518 Multicultural Education (3)
This course addresses the role cultural identity plays in students' experiences in schools and how theories of prejudice, feminism, and cultural diversity can help explain patterns of behavior in schools. Students are encouraged to self-assess values, attitudes, and dispositions. Students will examine curricular changes necessary to address inclusion of all students in today's schools. Candidates will review professional literature that is current (within the last 5 years).

EDM520 Teaching Writing and Reading across the Disciplines (3)
This course introduces prospective middle and high school teachers to the theories, practices, and approaches for improving content acquisition (primarily through non-fiction) using literacy strategies. The course focuses on reading and writing best practice, assignment and lesson developments, and strategies for improving understanding through reading and writing.

EDM535 Supervised Teaching Experience (6)
This class is designed for MAT candidates in the Traditional Program who are engaged in the student teaching experience. It utilizes a seminar format where candidates share their actual teaching experience and finalize their professional portfolio. Candidates observe, participate, and gain actual teaching experience under the direction of the cooperating teacher and the supervisor of student teaching. Candidates will complete a full semester assignment, which is comprised of 15 weeks, which is a non-paid teaching experience.

EDM536C Mentored Teaching III (0-4)
This is a continuation of EDU 536B for candidates in Track I who are in their third and fourth semesters under the Alternative Route, Option 6, who are continuing their teaching positions. Candidates register for this course as a non-credit class in the first-semester of their second year so that continuity is maintained with the mentor. Candidates register for this class for credit in their final semester, and credit is awarded at the end of the spring semester of the second year. Candidates continue to be monitored by the mentor teacher and the TMC faculty member assigned to this section. Candidates finalize their professional portfolio during the second semester of their second year and make a formal presentation as part of this course.

EDM551 Field Studies Component (2)
This is a practicum course and provides practice in planning and implementing instructional strategies with middle/secondary level students. Requires 30 hours of clinical experience.