Fellowship Example

Honors Fellowships

Honors Requirements

Every semester, members of the Honors Program are expected to meet at least one of three Honors Requirements

A Fellowship is a major project in a student's field of study that is approved by the Honors Committe and the department related to the Fellowship. It must consist of two three-credit hour semesters of work. The student will work with an Honors professor in the same department as the project. Students who complete a Fellowship are awarded a special diploma at graduation recognizing the completion of the Fellowship and will wear the Thomas More Medal.

Some of the Fellowships from past Honors students include:

  • This History of Park Hills: From Founding to Incorporation - by Iris S.

  • Bias in the Media - by Steve J.

  • Ambiguity and Chaos: Unreliability in Literature - by Andrew T.

  • Aesthetics and Videogames - by Jon S.

  • Website Development for Thomas More College's Office of Advancement - by Tandy H.

  • The Harvest is Abundant: Women Religious in the Heart of the Church - by Elizabeth R.

  • The Effect of Oral Tolerance on the IL-17 Response - by Michael S.

  • The Vinedresser: A Novel - by Tony O.

  • Perspectives on Affirmative Action - by Peter O.

  • Time Series Analysis of Blazers - by Ellen G.