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Honors Alumni Stories

Angelle Delaune

Biology Major with a concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Currenty a 4th year medical student. Will be starting as Internal Medicine Resident at Grandview Medical Center (Dayton, OH) in July.

My first year in Honors there was a seminar focused on the Bicentennial of Lincoln. We were able to take a fun-filled trip up to Springfield, IL with the entire honors program. The trip really bonded us as a group, getting to visit interesting museums, eat good food, and swim at the hotel pool!

The James Graham Brown Honors Program gave me the opportunity to do a research project in Immunology under Dr. Siobhan Barone. This led me to incredible experiences such as getting to present my research at a conference hosted at Argonne National Laboratory. This research project still stands out on my CV today, and I was asked about it during residency interviews!

Tony Otten

English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing

I graduated a year early to begin a job in Thomas More's Financial Aid Department. Recently the journal Still ( accepted one of my short stories for publication in June 2016.

Honors provided me with access to relationships and people who have generously influenced my life. Dr. Ray Hebert, my FYS instructor, recommended me for the job in the Registrar that later led to my full-time position and a rich array of friendships here in the office. During my junior year (which turned out to be my last!), Dr. Sherry Cook Stanforth mentored me in writing a literary novel and helped me to refine my vision for it. She showed me that the only useful kind of praise or criticism is the constructive kind, which points to the strengths or weaknesses of what you're doing. Ignore everything else.