A gift for every student, because every student is a gift!

It is a great honor and my distinct privilege to serve as Thomas More University’s 15th president. I am excited to lead the University as someone who serves as a mission-driven, servant leader dedicated to academic excellence and student success. I firmly believe in the values-based education we provide at Thomas More, and I’m confident of the lifelong impression we make on each student.

I’m a first-generation college graduate, and I know firsthand the difference that your financial gift makes to a student. It provides opportunities and resources that might not be available to them otherwise. This academic year, we’re making a symbolic and special call to action. Thomas More is asking 1,221 individuals to symbolically represent their support of our 1,221 students with a personally significant philanthropic gift.

We want to count you as 1 of 1,221 individuals who offer up a gift of support for these 1,221 students. Your gift to The Fund for Thomas More University ensures that every student will receive the resources and guidance they need alongside an invaluable Catholic education.

Here’s to a gift for every student, because every student is a gift!

Joseph L. Chillo, LP.D.



President Chillo in the TMU chapel