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Degree Requirements

The Environmental Science major is an interdisciplinary major, combining ecological, economic, political, and social issues. The program will emphasize basic research in ecology, applied research and teaching that will contribute to solving the world's environmental problems. The degree will prepare students for graduate school, but also for work in public service, government, education, and nonprofit environmental organizations.


  • Biology (22 hours): BIO 101, 101L, 102, 102L, 205, 205L, 318, 318L, 489; one four-hour BIO elective
  • Chemistry/Physics (16 hours): CHE 111, 111L, 113, 113L; 220, 220L, 240, 240L or PHY 121, 1221L, 122, 122L
  • Environmental Science (14 hours): ENV 214/214L, 215, 316; four hours from ENV 400, BIO 400, or BIO 495
  • Mathematics (7 hours): MAT 145, 205
  • Supporting Courses (15 hours): GEO 201, ECO260, SOC 217, POS 105, POS 370.
  • No Environmental Science major may graduate with more than one letter grade lower than a ‘C’ in a required BIO, ENV, or NSC course.

Requirements for a Concentration: Concentrations can be chosen from Ecology or Social Sciences. The course requirements listed above for the Environmental Science major must be completed, as well as those listed below:

  • Ecology: two additional 300+ Biology electives with labs from the ecological concentration. In addition, the research requirement will involve research in the ecological area.
  • Social Sciences: three additional 300+ electives in the same social science (Economics, Political Science, or Sociology). In addition, the research requirement will involve research in the social sciences.