COVID-19 Dashboard

This webpage is maintained daily to inform the campus community of COVID-19 exposure on campus.   Cases that are confirmed to be positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus are included.  Details of each case are provided by the individuals themselves; that information is then reported following HIPAA and public health guidelines.

Quarantine and isolation are used to keep individuals who are sick or might be sick away from others. Individuals are required to quarantine or isolate when they have symptoms of, or tested positive for, COVID-19; when they have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms of, or tested positive for, COVID-19; or has traveled internationally. More information is available in the Healthy at Thomas More guidelines.

While we understand the concerns around COVID-19, it is important to continue to practice appropriate preventative strategies.  We must all take the necessary precautions to keep our community healthy and safe.  Any individual who has received a positive test result, is symptomatic or being tested, or has interacted with someone who has tested positive or experienced symptoms, should call Campus Safety at 859-341-4867.

Total Cases – Spring 2021 Semester

UpdatedCurrent CasesResolved CasesTotal CasesStudents in quarantine or isolation
Feb. 22, 20211757611*

*Of the 11 students who are in isolation/quarantine, 1 are on campus


Covid-19 Indicators and Thresholds

Thomas More University COVID-19 IndicatorsDateLow AlertModerate AlertHigh Alert
IndicatorFeb. 22, 2021Follow Healthy at Thomas More protocolsIncrease cleaning, increase messaging and sanctions for compliance, expand contact tracing, expand remote operations, limit activitiesConsider remote operations for at least two weeks, reduce residence hall population, restrict building access
Proportion of on-campus population who are current positive
Calculated as: current cases/total on-campus population (1,500)
0.1%less than 5%between 5-9%
number needed to reach this threshold: 75
10% or above
number needed to reach this threshold: 150
Proportion of residents (currently on campus) in isolation or quarantine
Calculated as: current residents in isolation or quarantine/total residents (350)
0.3%less than 5%between 5-15%
number needed to reach this threshold: 17
greater than 15%
number needed to reach this threshold: 53
Proportion of students in isolation or quarantine
Calculated as: current students in isolation or quarantine/total on-campus student population (1,200)
0.9%less than 5%between 5-15%
number needed to reach this threshold: 60
greater than 15%
number needed to reach this threshold: 180
In addition, various subpopulations are regularly reviewed, including faculty, staff, athletic teams, residence halls, and on-ground courses. If the proportion of a specific subpopulation is positive or in isolation or quarantine within these thresholds, the individual subpopulation is reviewed to consider appropriate actions. Given the small number of individuals within some of our subpopulations, specific action steps are carefully considered and implemented when necessary.less than 5%between 5-15%greater than 15%

These indicators and thresholds are based on OpenSmartEDU: COVID-19 Planning Guide and Self-Assessment for Higher Education published by the Center for Health Security at the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Council of Higher Education Accreditation and Tuscany Strategy Consulting (updated June 12, 2020). The design is derived from a model developed by Vital Strategies, a global public health organization funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gates Philanthropy Partners.