Together We Will Remain Healthy at Thomas More (November 10, 2020)

Dear Thomas More Community,

We continue to closely monitor any potential mandates and recommendations being made by the Governors of Kentucky and Ohio as the number of Covid cases continues to increase across our region. As a reminder, while Kenton County remains a “Red” county, no commuter students or outside visitors are permitted in the residence halls.

While the number of Covid cases are on the rise in Kenton County (Kentucky), the University’s numbers continue to hold in the “Low Alert” threshold. The number of positive Covid cases increased this past week from 6 last Monday to 16 as of Monday evening. The number of individuals in quarantine or isolation also increased from 42 last Monday to 52 as of Monday evening. The increases in the number of Covid cases at the University are largely from commuter students and employees. We know that the disease is being brought to campus, so it is important that you avoid social gatherings, wear your mask, and continue to wash your hands. We all must do our part in keeping our community healthy and safe for everyone.

As we continue to monitor this situation and its potential impact upon our community, I encourage you to review the University’s Covid Dashboard daily.


President Chillo