How does the trip scheduling process work?
Teachers and group leaders apply by filling out and submitting the application as early as possible. When we receive your application we will schedule you for a specific date and then email or mail you a confirmation letter with more information about the program, location, times, and directions. If any of your plans or needs change before the confirmation letter is received, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When are the application deadlines?
There are no deadlines. However, we prefer to receive your application at LEAST 3 weeks before your preferred dates so that we may schedule your and our teachers properly. You may schedule up to two months in advance.

How do I know which programs are right for my class/group?
Our programs are very flexible and are designed to be appealing to all types of groups. If you are unsure about which programs will be best for your class, give us a call and we can discuss your options. All lessons will develop scientific skills and some will have math, geography, reading, writing, and art components.

How many students can I bring on a field trip?
For our program to be most effective, we limit the group size to be between 12 – 60 students. If you need to bring more than 60 students, you may request the program on multiple days. Please let us know on the application if you would like your trips to be consecutive, spread out, or scheduled in any particular manner. If you have a group smaller than 12 students, we may still be able to accommodate your class. Please contact Tess Mulrey, the STEM Outreach Coordinator, with any questions.

Who leads the programs?
Our Field Station staff has many different backgrounds. Most are students who are majoring in Biology and/or Education from Thomas More University. Others are past or current educators, some of them are scientists, students, professionals, or environmentalists, and all of them love our programs and working with students.

I am interested in something not described on your website. Do you provide any other programs?
We are always designing and preparing new programs and are more than willing to work around your needs and desires. Given enough time, we can design custom programs for all sorts of groups and situations. Give us a call and let us know what you are interested in. We’ll probably be able to supply you with just the right program.

What are the costs of a field trip?
Schools are charged $5.00/student.* Teachers and chaperones are not charged. At least three teachers or chaperones are required to accompany the class. For a program involving boat rides or river sampling (weather-permitting), schools are charged $10.00/student. Please indicate if you would like to request these water-based activities on your field trip request form.
*discounts available to qualified schools