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Multimedia Design

Program Description

Multimedia is a field of study emerging from the synthesis of the different mediums of communication. Our program focuses on providing a foundation for shaping information via graphics, interactive design, motion graphics and animation to the world. Students will develop aesthetic design and technical competence by receiving training in state-of-the-art software, production processes, theory and concepts.

Program Mission

We believe that students should have the opportunity to explore technology, to explore new mediums and to drive positive/meaningful experience both in the digital and analog world. The realization of this vision is done through course work based on real world problems; pushing students to see many solutions to a single problem, encouraging new collaboration, and advocating action because trying, testing, revising, and exploring create growth and expertise.

Course # Course Title Hrs
ART 117 Light/Color/Design 3
ART 248 Design Tools* 3
ART 265 Graphic Design Foundations 3
ART 266 Typography 3
ART 280 UX Design Principles 3
ART 281 Social Media Design 3
ART 340 Web Design 3
ART 341 Motion Graphics 3
ART 342 Animation 3

* Students can test out of ART 248