Thomas More University is offering assistance to Cincinnati Christian University students affected by the upcoming closure of their institution. We understand how difficult this transition may be, and therefore we are extending an offer for CCU students to continue their degree programs. We are committed to supporting CCU students during this time of transition to ensure that they can earn their college degree.

CCU to Thomas More University


Documents Needed to Complete Enrollment

  • Transcript from all post-secondary institutions.
  • Course and fee statement or most recent bill from CCU
  • Signed document release form

what are the enrollment requirements?

  • All CCU students with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA are eligible to enroll at Thomas More University.

Is There a Maximum on Credit Hours to Transfer?

  • Thomas More will accept ALL credits earned from CCU students with more than 90 credit hours earned at the end of the fall semester only for the following Teach-Out Programs;
    • Business Management
    • English
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Psychology
  • For all other students, Thomas  More will take up to 90 credit hours in courses completed with a “C-“ or better.

What Will My Cost Be at Thomas More?

  • Thomas More will work to match the direct cost for CCU students. Students must provide a copy of their most recent course and fee statement or tuition bill from CCU. “Direct cost” is defined as total CCU tuition and fees minus any merit aid offered from CCU.
  • Students who do not provide a fall 2019 course and fee statement or bill from CCU will be guaranteed a total of $20,000 in institutional aid from Thomas More.
  • For the spring 2020 semester, Thomas More will offer all CCU students a $1,000 room grant to students who wish to live on campus.

Can I use my federal aid at Thomas more?

Yes. Thomas More accepts all federal grant and loan programs. You must add Thomas More to your current FAFSA. Thomas More’s school code is 002001.

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