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Guidance Counselors

The enrollment counselors and support staff at Thomas More College recognize and appreciate the many responsibilities our guidance counselors oversee. The Office of Enrollment collaborates with guidance counselors from around the country to ensure a smooth and simple transition for their students.

Thomas More College ACT code: 1560
Thomas More College SAT code: 1876

Guidance Counselor Evaluation Online Submission

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  1. GPA: This applicant has a cumulative grade point average of on a 4.0 scale through the date of .
  2. RANK: This applicant most recently ranks in a graduating class of students. This rank covers the period from through .
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  3. TEST SCORES: This applicant has the following test score(s). Please submit all ACT/SAT scores you have on file.
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    Date English Math ReadingScience Reasoning

    SAT: Date taken Critical Reading Math Combined
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  5. Which of the following most accurately describes the academic performance you would anticipate of this student at Thomas More College? Very Well Good Fair Poor
  6. Please list any attributes or challenges that may affect this student's academic performance:
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