Work Ready Incubator

Thomas More University and Gravity Diagnostics Laboratories collaborated to create the the Thomas More University Work Ready Incubator.

The Work Ready Incubator is a ground-breaking program that will benefit students in their quest for real-world experiences, as well as businesses in their search for high-quality talent.

Conceptually, the Work Ready Incubator is a talent pipeline that allows an employer to directly recruit Thomas More University student interns to fill workforce needs. The interns are housed in a dedicated work space within the company where they will work, enhance their skill sets, and reflect on their internship experience. Thomas More University is the only school in Kentucky that requires its students to have one credit hour of experiential learning in order to graduate, and the Work Ready Incubator program advances that mandate.

The Work Ready Incubator concept grew from former President David A. Armstrong’s confidence in Thomas More and its students. Armstrong approached Gravity Diagnostics’ CEO, Tony Remington, with the novel idea that the laboratory company could incubate Thomas More student talent on-site. Armstrong theorized that the company could evaluate students’ skills and their fit in the company’s culture, and the students could similarly gain invaluable exposure to careers that may be of interest to them. Remington’s positive response to the concept helped birth the Work Ready Incubator program.