Registration/Schedule of Courses

Students register for classes each semester according to the Academic Calendar. Admitted, degree-seeking students must meet with their academic advisor and will register online through MyTMU or in the Registrar’s Office.

Schedule of Courses

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students who wish to enroll in classes at Thomas More University who do not intend to earn a degree can do so through the Registrar’s Office. To be eligible, students must: have a high school diploma or the equivalency, be eligible to return to their previous institution in good standing if enrolled in the past year, and meet the prerequisite coursework. Please fill out the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application and return to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Policies & Procedures Related to Online Courses


  • Students register for online courses just as they would for any other Thomas More University courses, with the Registration Form during the appropriate dates indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  • Students wishing to drop online courses will need to follow the same procedures as any other Thomas More University course with the Add/Drop form. Withdrawal and refund dates are determined by the Academic Regulations and Tuition Refund Policy. Courses lasting less than 16 weeks are on the Alternate Calendar Schedule. Please check with the Registrar’s Office for the appropriate dates and full policies.


  • Just as in a face-to-face course, attending online courses is important. Consistent with Thomas More University’s Attendance Policy, excessive absence from class shall constitute sufficient grounds for dismissal from the class affected or such other lesser academic penalty, as the faculty member may judge appropriately. Each faculty member is competent to determine what is permitted in a particular course and this policy shall be indicated in the course syllabus. A student who is reported to the Office of the Registrar as having been excessively absent from class will receive a notice from the Registrar’s Office that the professor has dropped the student from his or her course. Students who are dropped from a course for excessive absences are assigned a grade of WF for the course. Please see the Attendance Policy in the University Catalog for the full policy.
  • Students are required to submit an assignment to the instructor within the first seven days of an online class. If this assignment is not submitted, the student is considered a no-show and will be administratively dropped from the course.
  • Attendance is tracked for online courses based on the dates the student accesses the online content. Should a last date of attendance need to be calculated for Financial Aid, refund, or other purposes, Thomas More University will use the last date of online access.
  • Failure to attend class is not sufficient notice to the University for withdrawal. Tuition will be charged for the course and the instructor may assign a punitive grade of Y (unofficial withdrawal).
  • Thomas More University’s snow policy and cancelations do not apply to online courses.


Accessing Course Content:

  • All students enrolled in online courses must have active Thomas More University issued email and network accounts. New students obtain access by visiting the Computer Center Help Desk (859-344-3646). Email forwarding is available for students to set up in their email accounts. Please contact the Computer Center Help Desk at 859-344-3646 with any questions or issues.
  • Course content will be delivered by instructors through MyTMU.


Academic Regulations and Withdrawal/Refund Policies

The following regulations are summarized from the University Catalog. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for additional information or the full policies.



Students are required to attend class. Failure to attend class is not sufficient notice to the University for withdrawal. Tuition will still be charged and the instructor may assign or punitive grade.


Academic Withdrawal Policies

Students are expected to determine whether they have the interest, time, and/or ability to successfully complete the course before the appropriate deadlines. The following deadlines are based on traditional semester-length classes. Proportionate adjustments are made for courses in the summer and for those lasting less than 16 weeks. Please check with the Registrar’s Office for alternate calendar information.

Students may drop a course without record during the first week and drop a course with a WP (withdraw passing) grade during the second through ninth week. After the ninth week, students will receive a W grade pending the instructor’s evaluation, which may result in a WP or WF (withdraw failing) grade.


Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition costs will be refunded when the student drops a class or withdraws according to the refund schedule, available under the Bursar’s section. Students will be financially responsible for any payment due resulting from the refund policy.


Financial Aid Refund Policy

Students with financial aid need to be aware of the financial aid withdrawal and refund policies, which can be found on the Financial Aid section.