Institute for Ethical Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies


The Institute for Ethical Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies contributes to helping Thomas More University actualize its Diocesan Catholic Liberal Arts mission.  Flexible and innovative programs engage multiple disciplines to create active learning opportunities for students.  Interdisciplinary programs help prepare students for integration of ideas and concepts as students discern their place in a global society. Tailored academic majors, minors, and certificates support this academic discernment process.

Unique student-centric programs and courses ease the career determination process through cultivated critical thinking and problem solving skills development. In addition, the Institute for Ethical Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies offers practicality with distinctive and collaborative opportunities to explore the development of competencies, skills, and knowledge required by employers and other post-graduate higher education institutions.

Interdisclipinarity contributes to the optimization of the gifts, resources, and talents of all Thomas More University stakeholders by contributing to the three-pronged “Triple Aim” of higher education:“High Quality, Reasonable Cost, High Customer Satisfaction.”


Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.

Albert Einstein


To be a model for academic curiosity, innovation, and collaboration through inter-discipline education among the following stakeholders:

  • students discerning both customized academic inclusive of multiple academic options
  • administrative leadership determining the best fit for placement of an academic program; and
  • faculty members seeking to cultivate further development of existing offerings as well as innovative constructs for exploration


To cultivate high quality, interdisciplinary learning and teaching.

This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Identify and respond to marketplace needs
  • Further refine or modify current academic offerings through an ethical and interdisciplinary lens
  • Satisfy employer-driven competency and skill-set needs
  • Serve as an innovative forum where faculty members and students can conceptualize, experiment, and execute


Catholicity, Integrity, Respect, Justice, and Service, Innovation, Transparency, Flexibility, Diversity and Inclusivity, Collaboration, Creativity, and Sustainability