With the increasing number of exchanges with Canada, Europe, and Africa, employers value French language skills in their prospective employees. An Associate of Arts in French is the perfect companion to fields such as business, art, and education, among others.

The ability to speak a foreign language is extremely valuable both in personal relationships and in service to the community. This program prepares students to engage successfully with the significant number of French-speaking cultures in the world and to expand the linguistic and cultural competency of French speakers.

Why study French at Thomas More?

One of the many advantages of attending a small school like Thomas More University is the personal attention and engagement with the professors. By pursuing an Associate of Arts in French, students will have many opportunities to interact with their professors and classmates to receive the support they need in order to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors.

What will I be doing?

In small classes, students will develop their reading , listening, writing, and conversational skills in French. Students will explore diverse cultures and literature of French-speaking areas. This holistic approach to language education forms the students to be lifetime learners.

Who will I be learning from?

All Language Faculty hold a Ph.D. and have numerous years of teaching experience at the University level.  They all share their passion for languages and their love for traveling and discovering new cultures.

Where do alumni work or pursue advanced degrees?

Recent alumni have become translators, workers for the U.S. Department of Commerce, teachers of English in a French-speaking country for the Peace Corps, and an event production assistant. Other alumni have pursued doctorate degrees in French history and a master’s degree in art history.

What careers will be open to me?

Knowing the French language is a great asset in fields such as education, business, art, and health care, but the skills are not limited to these professions alone. The increasingly important need for bilingual English and French speakers calls for knowledgeable and engaged citizens in a globalized culture.

Students will have opportunities to study abroad for a week, a summer, or a semester through different programs.

By attending our sister schools in France, Université d’Angers (semester) or the Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures (La Roche-sur-Yon) (summer)

By participating in one of the KIIS (Kentucky Institute for International Studies) programs in Paris (summer) or in Caen (a semester).

By participating in Dr. Dwyer’s Thomas More Paris trip (one week, offered every other year; participants can earn language or art history credits)

What scholarships or aid are available?

Thomas More’s Brown Global Perspectives Grant can help students financially for study abroad.