Honors Requirements

Every semester, members of the Honors Program are expected to meet at least one of three Honors Requirements

Honors Seminars are classes exclusive to members of the Honors Society. They are the most common way for members to fulfill an Honors Requirements, and Honors students are expected to take at least two over the course of their studies. There is a wide variety of subjects that are dealt with, and the classes are designed to combine knowledge from many academic areas.

Some of the seminars from past years include:

    • The Singularity Event – taught by professor Bartley Richardson from the Computer Science department.
    • Urban Ecology – taught by professor Shannon Galbraith-Kent from the Biology department.
    • Abnormal Psychology from a Clinical Perspective – taught by professor Kathie Langen from the Psychology department.
    • Crime and Film – taught by professor Beth Sanders from the Criminal Justice department.
    • Games and Mathematics, Infinity and Beyond – taught by professor Robert Riehemann from the Mathematics department.
    • Playing with Shakespeare or What You Willed – taught by professor James Schuttemeyer from the English department.
    • The Global Impact of HIV and AIDS – taught by professor Siobhan Barone from the Biology department.
    • The Good, the Bad, the Gendered: Feminism and Philosophical Questions – taught by professor Catherine Sherron from the Philosophy department.
    • History of Irish Nationalism – taught by professor Raymond Hebert from the History department.
    • Lives in a State of Nature: A Cross-Disciplinary Journey Through Kentucky Territory – taught by professor Sherry Stanforth from the English department.