Strategic Plan

Thomas More University strives to become the Catholic liberal arts University of choice exemplified by superior teaching and an innovative spirit.

TMU equips students to engage the world with integrity for their whole lives. In traditional curriculum and adult education, Thomas More University is a learner-centered institution. Building on a solid foundation of the Catholic liberal arts intellectual tradition, students are educated to meaning fully contribute to work, family, and community.

Value More – Engage More – Thrive More provides a foundation for students to successfully meet challenges and engage the world. Each individual is guided to Value More—for a meaningful education, Engage More—for student success, Thrive More—for a prosperous future on a journey to develop a meaningful career and a faith-filled, ethical life.

The Strategic Plan enables the University to establish a strong financial foundation to carry itself into the foreseeable future.

Value More – Engage More – Thrive More

  • encourages relevant educational and student experiences, resulting in a CHARACTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) as students meet the challenge of a values- based education and develop into well-rounded, ethical leaders;
  • provides programs and tools to ensure that more students successfully initiate and complete a Thomas More University education, resulting in a CAREER ROI;
  • develops COMMUNITY ROI, through engagement with a close-knit, caring network of faculty, staff, administration, and alumni, in addition to serving neighbors in need.

Thomas More University seeks to Value More–Engage More–Thrive More by challenging graduates to pursue faith-filled lives characterized by acts of wisdom, ethical leadership, and commitment to social justice.

Together faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and friends of the University illuminate what it means to flourish in our modern, interconnected world while pursuing honest work, promoting responsible and respectful stewardship of God’s resources, seeking justice and peace, and embodying loving, compassionate service to others.

Value More

Highlight the meaning and relevance of a Thomas More University educationValue More defines a Thomas More University education. Students build an academic, professional, and spiritual foundation through mission-centric classes in the liberal arts and in a chosen major. These experiences promote a lifetime of learning as well as gainful employment. To encourage broader understanding of the value of a Thomas More University education the University will:

  • Enhance appreciation of its Catholic liberal arts identity
  • Develop and model the Thomas More University experience
  • Deliver a core curriculum consistent with the Thomas More University mission and relevant to students within the current landscape of higher education

Engage More

Engage More describes the journey to complete a Thomas More University’s education. Opportunities in service learning, extracurricular activities, and athletics provide multidimensional connections to the University community and firmly position the student on a path to graduation. A culture of continuous improvement assures that all programs and activities provide the high quality experiences characteristic of a Thomas More University education. To assure that this goal is achieved, the University will:

  • Commit to continuous improvement through program evaluations and make decisions based on the results
  • Explore and implement new curricular programs and expand on current programs
  • Ensure pathways for students to complete programs and launch careers
  • Increase and enhance co-curricular and extracurricular activities

Thrive More

Commit to a long-range plan that positions the University to prosper. Thrive More provides the resources necessary to improve the Thomas More University experience. Integrated academics, co-curricular opportunities, extra-curricular pursuits, and practical career preparation create the personalized and transformative Thomas More University experience. To continue to provide this experience, the University must assure that its future is fiscally sound. Working together, administrators, board members, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the University will:

  • Increase resources through effective enrollment management to grow to ideal size and composition within the scope of our mission
  • Diversify revenue streams beyond tuition
  • Strengthen community partnerships
  • Develop and implement long-range organizational, financial and master plans


A Thomas More University education illuminates what it means to flourish in our modern, interconnected world. Since the founding in 1921, Thomas More University has graduated over 13,000 alumni who exemplify the professional excellence, ethical leadership, and spiritual integrity that are outcomes of a Thomas More University education. The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan will continue this legacy to the 2021 Centennial Celebration of the University, and beyond, as we unite to Value More – for a meaningful education, Engage More – for student success, Thrive More – for a prosperous future.

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2015-2020 Strategic Plan Overview
Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report 2017 2018
Strategic Plan Interim Report 2017
Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report 2015 2016
Strategic Plan Accomplishments Report 2014 2015
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