Free Enterprise Center

Freedom to think, engage, create, share, examine and prosper.
Where innovation and entrepreneurship meet liberty and ethics
to transform lives and make lasting global impacts.


One of the beliefs held by the stakeholders of Thomas More University is that the self-governed America, envisioned by the Founders of the United States of America, is sustained by people whose moral and intellectual constitution encourages the greatest possible degree of human flourishing. 

The vision for the  Thomas More University Free Enterprise Center includes an active and vigorous engagement of scholars, students, and the community in a serious and sustained examination of topics that include free enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation, religious liberty, integrity, and ethics. This Center, rooted in an interdisciplinarity of academic disciplines, promotes the exploration of these topics through research, symposia, publications, and lectures.

Thomas More University is committed to examining the intellectual, moral, and practical cases for application of the principles of a free society. Efforts are made to ensure that the Center fosters, not impinges, on academic freedom. The Center engages a variety of external funding sources to support its the mission and has cultivated an organizational culture that embraces diverse and inclusive perspectives on the host of activities and concepts considered. A basic tenet of the Center is to support freedom of conscience and expression, and the scholarship that is at the heart of the Center’s mission –that collaboration and competition are essential to the sustainability of a free society.

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