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Student Policies & Procedures

The purpose of the Thomas More College Student Handbook is twofold. It informs students of opportunities for involvement - with people, special programs, and issues - that are available at Thomas More College. It describes programs and services that will help increase the quality of every student's educational experience. The handbook also informs the College community of many of the policies governing students while at Thomas College. These policies express expectations of behavior, convey a respect for community and provide for the protection of the rights of the individual. Each student or student group is held responsible for the policies and procedures of the College that are currently in effect or, from time to time, put into effect by the appropriate authorities of Thomas More College. Please be aware that the handbook that the College reserves the right to change any procedures, policies, programs, and so on, that appear in the Student Handbook. The College will give notice to students of changes within a reasonable amount of time.

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Residence Life Policies and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct Policy