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Clubs & Organizations

Club & Organization Registration

All Clubs and Organizations must be registered annually through Student Life by October 1st.

Student Life wants to know what clubs we have on campus, what you all do, and who takes part! By registering your club, your organization is recognized by Thomas More!

Perks including being able to:

  • Participate in club events including the semester Activities Fair
  • Reserve space on campus for your events and meetings
  • Post flyers and publicize your events on campus
  • Registered clubs and organizations are also welcome to go on to be recognized by the Student Government Association and apply for funding from the Saints Experience Fee for club events.

Registration is easy! There are only two steps!

You must one, submit a roster and two, fill out the registration form. Once your registration is complete you will be contacted in your Thomas More email within a week regarding your status.

Register Online through Canvas.

SGA Sanctioned Clubs

All Clubs and Organizations have the opportunity to be sanctioned and funded through the Student Government Association. These funds can be spent on special events, club programs, conferences, and more. To find out more contact your Student Government representative in the Center for Student Engagement or attend a meeting.

Thomas More Clubs & Organizations

Accounting Society
Any student taking an accounting course may join the Accounting Society. The purpose of the club is to broaden and deepen the student's understanding of the accounting profession through technical sessions and social affairs.

Alpha Delta Gamma (ΑΔΓ)
Thomas More's only fraternity on campus. Alpha Delta Gamma is a Catholic Fraternity based on 5 principle values: Spiritual, Scholastic, Service, School Spirit, and Social.

Biology Club
The Biology Club's purpose is to initiate interest and to further student participation in the biological sciences. Membership is open to all students. Beta Beta Beta is the Biology Honor Society. Membership is open to qualified students.

Business Society
This student group acquaints business students with the actual business world, involving themselves in such activities as Junior Achievement.

Chemistry Club
The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to promote interest and participation in chemistry on the professional level.

College Democrats
The mission of the College Democrats is to advocate the philosophies of the Democratic Party while increasing awareness on a local and statewide level. Furthermore, we declare the intention to support and encourage the participation of college students in democratic activism and facilitate participation in the political process.

College Libertarians
The purpose of the College Libertarians is to educate students about the Libertarian Party and while increasing awareness on a local and statewide level.

College Republicans
The purpose of this club is to promote the Republican Party's message, cultivate Republican ideas on campus, and provide opportunities for members to get involved in politics.

Delta Epsilon Sigma
An academic honor society open to undergraduate and graduate students who meet the established criteria. Please contact the Registrar's Office for additional information.

Education Club
A club for Education majors that works with Kappa Delta Pi. Kappa Delta Pi is the International honor Society in Education.

French Club
The French club celebrates the French language, culture and history!

History Club
This organization open to all interested students, works with Phi Alpha Theta (History Honorary) to sponsor programs related to history. Phi Alpha Theta is the international honor society in History. Membership in Thomas More's Lambda Sigma Chapter is open to academically qualified students.

International Student Society
The International Student Group helps to foster camaraderie among students of various national origins. Special programs are organized by students to encourage understanding and enhance educational opportunities.

Works to expose and address issues affecting social conditions.

Math/Physics Club
The objective of the Math Club is to further stimulate interest in mathematics by acquainting its members with advantages of mathematical knowledge. The purpose of the club is to inform interested students of the advances in the science of physics, its role in today's world and to promote an awareness of professional opportunities in physics.

More Ministry
The purpose of this club is to further interest in Christian fellowship, promote service projects, peer leadership, and foster spiritual development among students at Thomas More College. The club's goal is to build community and to be inclusive by having representation from various student groups.

National Residence Hall Honorary
This is an honorary group which inducts residents every year to vote on "Of The Month" awards for the Residence Life System.

Outdoor Adventure Club
Outdoor Adventure Club is an organization devoted to having fun and exciting programs, outings and social events that highlight nature and recreational activities.

Phi Alpha Delta/Pre Law
This Pre-Law fraternity is the Thomas More College chapter of a national organization sponsoring programs related to legal careers. This Campus group works with Phi Alpha Delta to sponsor activities, such as a mock trial team, for pre-law students.

Philosophy Club
The goal of the Philosophy Club is to promote interest in the area of philosophy among students. The club offers programs to help gain interest in the area and exchange ideas.

Political Sciences Club
The Political Science Club is an organization that provides opportunities for students to explore the political world. The PoliSci club also provides an excellent arena for free political discussion and thought.

Psychology Club
The goal of the Psychology Club is to promote interest in the field of psychology among students concentrating in this area. Psi Chi Honorary, an honor society, purpose is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individuals involved in the advancement of the science of psychology.

Resident Student Association
Resident Student Association and the Director of Residence Life share the responsibility of promoting the development and general welfare of the resident students. These are elected position and represent the interests of the resident student.

Saints Club
Organize events and rallies to support Saints athletics and raise school spirit. Please contactTaylor Kessen with questions and getting involved.

Servicemen To Saints
For Veterans who are continuing their education at Thomas More to come together for the betterment of our community and ourselves.  To serve our community as we served our nation.

Sigma Tau Delta/English
This honor society is an organization of academically qualified English students.

Spanish Club
The purpose of this club is to provide an entertaining and educational opportunity for all to enjoy practicing speaking the Spanish language. It also provides an opportunity where all can celebrate the Spanish language and the Spanish and Hispanic cultures.

Student Activities Board
The purpose of the Student Activities Board at Thomas More is to create an environment full of programs and activities that will provide fun and entertainment.

Student Nurses Association
Open to all students at Thomas More, this group encourages student involvement on campus and in various nursing-related events and lectures.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
This group serves as the voice for the student-athlete when it comes to NCAA proposals and legislation. They also are a liaison between the student-athlete and faculty on campus.

Thomas More Cheerleaders
The Purpose for the Thomas More Thomas More Cheerleaders shall be to support the athletic teams, student activities and events and to promote excitement and support of Thomas More College.

Villa Players
The Villa Players take primary responsibility for the dramatic productions. Their goal is to stimulate interest in the Fine Arts among the student body and the community.

WORDS is the literary arts magazine of Thomas More. This publication features original drawings, photographs, poetry and prose submitted by the Thomas More students. Students may also serve on the staff of Words.