Thomas More College

Policy Development

The Compliance Group oversees Policy Development at Thomas More College. This includes the creation, revision, and removal of policy. For information on current policies at Thomas More College, go to our policy webpage.

Policies at Thomas More College are developed to ensure (i) compliance with applicable laws and regulations and accreditation standards, (ii) adoption of operational efficiencies and best practices, and/or (iii) promotion of mission-centered values and objectives. There are two main categories of policy at Thomas More College: College Policy and Departmental Policy.

College Policy: Policy with broad and direct application across the College; requires the president's approval
Departmental Policy: Policy that pertains to matters within the exclusive function of a particular academic, administrative, or organizational unit of the College

The policy approval process for new, revised, or removal of policy includes five steps. This process is consistent with the Faculty Constitution and Bylaws of Thomas More College. :

  1. Policy Request submitted to the Compliance Group
  2. Policy Draft including stakeholder input, research of best practice, consideration of legal regulations and accreditation standards, and review of sample policies
  3. Review Period for relevant stakeholders
  4. Approval
  5. Publication and Implementation

For more information, please contact the Compliance Group at